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Everybody Died, So I Got a Dog: A Book Review

Happy Friday

Today’s post is something a little bit different although it is still a book review I have to be honest and say that I, in fact, listened to this as an audiobook. This review will be a lot shorter than others as I think the book/audiobook does itself all the justice in the world and is so good you should really just go and read or listen to it.

A little bit of background for a few years now my dad has always listened to Frank Skinner whether it be actually listening to his radio show or through his podcasts, either way, he is accompanied by Emily Dean who is the author of this novel.

Pre-warning! This book will honestly mess with your emotions but in the best way, you will laugh, cry and if you have a dog want to cuddle it all the time. If you do not have a dog I will warn you now you will want a dog.

This novel is honest and heartfelt if you have listened to Emily Dean on the Frank Skinner Podcast you do not really expect this from her.

Nothing in this book is sugar-coated, she talks very openly and honestly about the deaths of her parents and sister that happened in quick succession. In true Dean fashion, this book has a clear balance of the sadness and grief but also the humour that you can only imagine to get when your mother is an actress and when your father cannot help but use the power of quoting poetry to fix all problems.

I think the thing that tugged my heartstrings is where she talks about Frank and how much of an impact he has had on her life. After seeing him live with my dad in June he is exactly how he is on the radio on stage. (and just as funny, although we do not admit this to dad.)

I would strongly recommend reading ‘Everybody Died, So I Got A Dog.’ but not without making sure you have tissues at the ready!

If you have read the book or listened to the audio… I would love to know your opinions on it.

Love Always,

Gee xo

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