🦁A Day at ZSL London Zoo 🦁

Happy Saturday!!

Today is a little different post compared to what you would normally expect from the blog but last month I got to spend a day out in London that ended up unexpectedly visiting London Zoo! And I had such a good time I felt that it should be shared.

ZSL London Zoo is situated in Regents Park, in the heart of London and first opened it’s doors in 1847.  The first thing that you notice at the zoo is, considering it is an inner-city zoo, was how great the enclosures were.  Piled high with deep bedding and stocked with toys, food, and everything possible to enrich the lives of the inhabitants. As someone who normally has a massive issue with animals that are held in captivity was having the opportunity to speak to several zookeepers about the work London Zoo does and the Background behind the animals at the zoo.

One of the best moments of the day for me was the fact we got to see two Sloths not just one but a mum and a baby sloth!! I honestly cried it was so beautiful.  They have a rainforest section which has the Sloths, Monkeys and other animals you would expect to see in the rainforest! Firstly I must warn you it is hot and misty in there! but they are recreating the rainforest so what would you expect really! That being said it is definitely a must-see attraction at the Zoo!

In the same section but downstairs is the nocturnal animals which again was a favourite section for me because they had bats and Bushbaby’s I repeat BUSHBABY’S!!!!!!

The next thing we saw was the Penguins which are adorable! You get to see them both in and out of the water. There is like a little porthole to take photos of them in the water but that was surrounded by little children so we did not get a picture there.

After the penguins, we went to do the walkthrough with the lemurs which for someone who loves the Madagascar films and King Julian this was amazing. It was a really sunny day when we went so they were all just chilled out eating and sunbathing but it was still so amazing to get this close up with them.


We then saw the Alpacas another one of my favourites thanks to an inside joke with one of my old college lecturers which obviously meant that I had to make a small stop to take a photo of them to send to her.


Finally, after seeing a lot of animals we got to stop and see the little pygmy Hippos. This little one was hiding inside but we just managed to catch a photo of him when he came outside. I just can not get over how adorable they are and how small.


I also thought this was worth a mention… London Zoo is trying to promote the use of less single-use plastic, they have a really moving sculpture pictured below of the effects plastic has on our oceans specifically the turtles. In order to promote less single-use plastic, there are water refill stations all over the park and they are more recycling points.


Adult tickets range from £24.30 – £29.75, depending on whether you buy in advance and include a donation.  For children, over 3 years tickets are £18 to £22, with under 3’s going free.  Other than your food and drink, the only other extra is the parking. Which was not an issue for us as we travel in by public transport from Baker Street!

This was definitely an amazing day out. Have you been to London Zoo what did you think? What is your favourite animal?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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