My Pottermore Results


Happy January!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to 2020. I thought I would do something a little different on here today, still keeping in with the bookish theme but I thought it would be interesting to share with you guys my Pottermore results. Do you guys Pottermore? Every Potterhead was sent into a spin when there was a promise of this amazing site Pottermore was announced. (I did these a while ago but retook the test to see whether the answers would be the same… they were!)

Sorting House:

I am a Slytherin, this is one I used to hate getting but in reality, it is highly accurate but what I love more than anything is the fact that the house colours are Emerald Green and Silver. Anyone who knows me very well will know that I have a small obsession with Emerald Green as a colour.

My Wand:

According to Pottermore, my wand would be a Beechwood with a unicorn hair core, 10″ and unbending flexibility.

My Patronus:

So this is the only one I could not remember from before but from doing the test this time my Patronus would be a Tortoiseshell Cat.


If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan and have to take any of the Pottermore quizzes, they are great fun and you find out all this really great information about your witch or wizard self!

Love Always,

Gee xo