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Mini Lush Haul- IRL Zoella Bathbomb

Happy September!!

I hope you are all well and for those who have returned to school I hope it is all going well! Today’s post is a mini Lush haul but I need to make it clear that it is mainly focused around the IRL bath bomb created by Zoe Sugg (Zoella) as part of the Digital Detox Day which will be happening on the 5th of September. This is because I could not help but pick it up. I love the concept of the day and the bath bomb itself smells divine. That being said I also picked up a few others so I thought I would do a little haul.

Digital Detox Day will occur after a week of conversations about Social Media and our Mental Health! 5th of September the I Am Whole UK team (Zoe Sugg & Jordan Stephens) will be asking everyone who wishes to take part to switch off for mental health. It is a day to turn off social media and/or your devices as a whole. It is a great opportunity to explore how social media makes us feel. I 100% support this idea, I think it is so important to have an open and honest conversation about mental health.

5th of September- Digital Detox Day!

IRL Bath Bomb:

This Bath Bomb was created by Zoe Sugg in collaboration with Lush as part of the Digital Detox Day! This is a concept which I feel we all need now more than ever.

The money taken from these Bath Bombs is going into a one-off fund taking applications for grants from small, grassroots groups who work on mental health issues.

IRL Bath Bomb

The Scent:

It is described as a floral yet fresh fragrance. With scents of Orange flower, Neroli, Mimosa, Gardenia & Lavender. As it dissolves the colours change from magenta pink to sky blues and violet.

The IRL Bath Bomb working in real life 😉 see what I did there… I will leave now


Anyone who likes Bath Bombs that immediately make you feel calm and in the best spirits this is one for you. The fresh floral scents means that it is not sickly, so you can enjoy a long relaxing soak.


The Scent:

As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun and gets darker, turning your water a shimmering deep purple. 


This one is a classic and a family favourite. Without a doubt this is one I cannot help but to pick up. It never fails to leave my skin feeling so so soft.

The Scent:

The scent of this bath bomb is coco butter and Ylang Ylang. This is why it is so good for sensitive and dry skin.It honestly always makes my skin feel so damn sot after use.

Party Balloon Silver:

The Scent:

Pop bubbles instead of balloons with this reusable bubble bar! The scent of this is grapefruit oil and lime. It is such a fresh scent but makes sooo many bubbles.

What is your favourite Lush Product?

What do you think about the Digital Detox Day?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

27 thoughts on “Mini Lush Haul- IRL Zoella Bathbomb

  1. LUSH has some really nice bathbombs and other items. My skin is so sensitive that I haven’t been able to actually get to use them. I still loved to stop in the store and smell the new fragrances. TY for the irl review. 😊

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