Winter Night in Essentials (COSY)- Blogmas Day 6!

Happy December!!

Welcome to Blogmas day 6! I hope you are having a wonderful start to December and that you are starting to feel all festive and ready for Christmas!

I thought today would be a great time to share with you the things I do when having a cosy night in and the essentials for having the best winter night in! Slightly more Christmas themed this year though because I think 2020 needs a little more festivity.

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For me the perfect cosy night in starts with the little extras that take it from just a normal night in to something a little more special.


Now everyone knows I love a good candle and especially this time of the year. Most of the candles I pick up this time of year are anything cinnamon  or Winter Spiced scented. I say this but honestly, anything that smells Christmassy to me is a win this time of year. Any excuse to have my room smell like Christmas is a good excuse to me.  Lighting a few candles just makes everything feel that little more cosy and homey. It is also such a simple way of being more festive and who does not want to be more festive. This being said the current candles I have had burning have been little winter spice scented tealights and a DW Warm Tobacco Pipe scented candle. (It smells very similar to the Tom Ford aftershave and someone told me that it smells like Harry Styles and let’s be honest that’s just another win for me!)

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I have also been loving burning this Apple Cinnamon scented wax melt! It to me reminds me of the smell of walking around a Christmas Market!


Another STAPLE for me is a good fluffy blanket! It turns out I actually own one too many blankets but you can’t go wrong with a good movie and cosying up in a blanket. I just feel they are a necessity. Especially when at my Mumma’s she has a lot more fluffy blankets and you can never say no to being wrapped up in a fluffy jumper watching a film.


As you all know I am a book geek so any excuse to curl up in a ball and read a good book is always a favourite. At the moment I am currently reading How to Stuff up Christmas by Rosie Blake and Rewrite the Stars by Emma Heatherington. If I am not in the mood to read a good film is normally my next go-to. Since it is December you best believe that I will be watching as many childhood classic Christmas films as I can fit in during the festive period. (we all know what I really mean is I have been watching Christmas Films since November.) A go-to for me is normally ELF, Miracle on 34th Street or A muppets Christmas Carol. However I am currently making my way back through the Harry Potter Movies!

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Drinks and snacks:

As it is December and it is cold/freezing most of the time it is about the right time to have a hot chocolate stash in the kitchen. So for a cosy night in I tend to turn to a hot chocolate or a cup of tea. If it is a night where I want a more sweet treat I will add whipped cream and marshmallows to the Hot Choc! If we have them in the house we also add Candy Canes. This is my favourite thing to do because when they melt they give the Hot Chocolate a festive peppermint flavour!

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I also really love making a really simple Hot Spiced Apple. It just feels like the most festive drink ever!!

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Snacks wise I like to keep it simple with popcorn or chip sticks (salt and vinegar flavoured crips.) Or as I have already said at this time of year we tend to have a stash of Candy Canes so I will just go for one of those. However I have recently been baking more than I would normally so there is often a stash of Spiced Christmas Cookies around.

What is one of your essentials for a winter cosy night in?

Love Always,

Gee xo

6 thoughts on “Winter Night in Essentials (COSY)- Blogmas Day 6!

  1. This post was so cozy! I love being cozy as well and especially around the holidays. I love all of your suggestions for a cozy night in. I will have to try the hot spiced apple drink, it sounds so good! My ideal cozy night it is watching a movie on the couch snuggled under a blanket, having a tea by the tree. I have been feeling more cozy lately with Christmas being here, ‘Tis the season! I am enjoying your Blogmas posts!

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