2020 WRAP UP!

Wow what a year 2020 has been! It has been a crazy year and with all that being said I thought it would be a good way to end the year with a little wrap up of some of my favourite things of the year!

Firstly I have to note that we ended 2020 with 237 of you guys following the blog and I could not be more grateful. Sending Hugs to you all! I thought a good way of wrapping up the craziness that was 2020 would be to share with you all some of the best bits of the year for me!

Favourite books of 2020:

Amari and the night brothers

I have obviously linked to my blog tour review of this book but WOW just WOW! It would have been wrong not to include this one because it is just everything I never knew I needed in a book and will be a book I recommend forever!

May Day

Listen it has VAMPIRES and a confusing relationship. What is not to love. We know by now that I love me some vampires but through in a complicated relationship that you should not ship along with a case that needs solving. You know I am going to love it! Super excited to read the second book in the series.

I could spend hours discussing my favourite books from 2020 but we would be here forever so limiting to two seems smart!

Favourite blogs of 2020:

This year I have found so many new blogs that I have been loving so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites!


Like me Andonshereads is a book blog but they are also one of the nicest people ever and it would be wrong not to include this lovely lady!

The Artsy Reader:

Oh Noly! you know how much I love you and it was only right to include you on this favourites list for not only an incredible blog but for being a wonderful friend!

Holly loves books:

Holly has been a blog I have loved since day one so it was only fair we mention her again and her constant support and friendship does not go a miss!

Serenity Places:

Well we all know I love my Emily and her blog so obviously it would be included!

Mind Beauty Simplicity:

This is a blog I was lucky enough to find towards the end of 2020 and obviously have to share it with you all.

My Endless Critic:

Again one I found at the end of 2020 but just had to be included. Mia you are the most lovely person I have met thank you for all your support!

Olivia Lucie Blake:

Another sweetheart that just had to be included! Her blog is so aesthetically pleasing!

The Write Reads Gang:

I just had to include a little shout out to the wonderful book twitter peoples and more specifically the group chat of the write reads gang, never have I met a group of more supportive people who are as insane and weird as I am. I could not be more grateful to be a part of the group of weirdos. From the unreal amount of support you guys provide All Things Gee to the amount of bear hugs and love that is shared you guys are the best and something I am so grateful to be taking into 2021 with me.

Some Bookish Goals for 2021:

  • Read out of my comfort zone
  • Take some Bookish trips
  • Read more books than 2020
  • Focus on All Things Gee a little more
  • Read more genres.

Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is full of magic for every single one of you! I am super excited to share with you the things I have planned for 2021!

What was your favourite thing about 2021?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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