10 Self care ideas to try this Easter

Happy March!

I hope you are all keeping well and safe and with Easter around the corner I thought I would share with you some ways to practice self-care this Easter/Spring.

1. Spring closet clear out

Use this weekend to de-clutter and purge your wardrobe. Sort out the old from the new. You could also use this time to rid some of your unwanted make-up (do we really need broken palettes?) Time to declutter and cleanse your space.

2. Diffuse essential oils, light candles.

Candles and essential oils are some of my favourite ways to change the mood in my room, I think it always feels like completely clean and tidy once I have cleaned and then lit a candle.

3. Get baking

Baking is one of my favourite ways to escape from reality and what better time to make some of your favourite treats. For me I love making treats that we would have made during Easter as a child. Yes there will be a lot of mini egg decoration.

4. Adult colouring books.

I know I personally still love to colour every so often, because it’s therapeutic and stress-busting! I was recently bought a Harry Potter adult colouring books and it is still one of my favourite ways to relax and take a few moments out of day to day stress.

5. Practice gratitude with daily affirmations

This is something that I have only recently been getting into as part of my daily routine, I must admit it is something that I have often done on and off across the last few years but it is something I am trying to put into my day to day life. This became more of a goal this year after starting to listen to ‘The Law of Attraction Changed My Life’ podcast by Francesca Amber. If this is your sort of thing I highly recommend you giving it a listen.

6. Fill your home with flowers

Flowers make everyone happy; and since it’s Easter, you can find flowers everywhere in the local shops. My favourite flowers to fill my home with during spring are daffodils I just think the pop of yellow makes the home feel so much more warm and happy.

7. Dance like nobody’s around

Dancing around the house is always fun! One of my favourite memories with one of my old friends is us dancing around the kitchen in pure hysterical laughter just because we decided we wanted a little fun.

8. Take a break from social media

Whilst social media is great for keeping in touch with the world, it can also be a stressful place to be sometimes. Why not switch your phone off even if its just for an hour and spend time doing something you love.

9. Take time out and read a book

Well it would not be All Things Gee if I did not recommend you taking some time out to curl up with a good book.

10. Treat yourself

Use this weekend to care for yourself and indulge in something you’ve missed out on recently. It may not even just be due to the lockdown that you’ve avoided doing something; regardless you can pat yourself on the back by treating yourself to something you want.

What are some of your favourite things to do for self-care?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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