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Happy March!!

I cannot believe we are hitting the end of March today, however today we have another guest post to finish off March with. Today’s guest post comes from the wonderful Haadiya over at HerBookishObsession. She has kindly guest posted with two little mini reviews. Incredibly grateful to have her post for me, she is incredible and someone I just know is going to go far. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.



From the award-winning author of The Serpent King comes a beautiful examination of grief, found family, and young love.

Life in a small Appalachian town is not easy. Cash lost his mother to an opioid addiction and his Papaw is dying slowly from emphysema. Dodging drug dealers and watching out for his best friend, Delaney, is second nature. He’s been spending his summer mowing lawns while she works at Dairy Queen.

But when Delaney manages to secure both of them full rides to an elite prep school in Connecticut, Cash will have to grapple with his need to protect and love Delaney, and his love for the grandparents who saved him and the town he would have to leave behind.


Easy 5 stars and maybe a new favorite author. Everything about this book was stunning. The characters and their journeys, the setting, the writing, the poetry…all of it. I wish this book were coming out sooner than August because it’s a book I want to talk about with so many people.

 I want them all to read it NOW and feel how I feel because the feeling is not one I can properly describe. Jeff Zentner’s writing is relatable, easy to grasp, yet the way he arranges his words and articulates his narrative absolutely knocks you over with its beauty. It’s something that I think he does better than anybody else. He brings beauty to the mundane, he makes you feel for people you’d usually overlook… he gives dignity to unremarkable, “average” people.

 I won’t go into too many details about the contents of this book, but I will say it will break you and you won’t want to read anything until you get over this, which will probably take quite a while.

This is my first Jeff Zentner book and based on reviews, I knew I was going to cry but I didn’t expect to cry THAT MUCH. All things considered, this was a beautiful story about family and friendship. All the feels – so good! Jeff Zentner is an amazing writer and writes in such a poetic and relatable way. A definite must-read for 2021.

TRIGGER WARNINGS include in-depth descriptions of anxiety and depression; drug abuse and overdose; sexual assault; and the deaths of close family members.

Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery by  Julia Golding  : 


Jane Austen turns detective in this spooky historical adventure by award-winning author Julia Golding!

It’s 1789 and a young Jane Austen turns detective as she seeks to solve the mysterious happenings at Southmoor Abbey. When a carriage accident forces a change of plans, 13-year-old Jane is sent to be a companion to Lady Cromwell for a week as the household prepares to celebrate the eldest son’s coming-of-age party. While there, Jane vows to solve the mystery of the ghostly monk in the Abbey grounds – for she does not believe in such stories!

But this is not the only strange occurrence for the adventurous young Jane to investigate. There are shivery night-time investigations, an Indian girl with secret talents, a library fire, two prize horses in danger, and friends to save from false accusations.

With notebook in hand and her faithful dog Grandison by her side, will Jane overcome the continuous obstacles and find out the truth?


The Abbey Mystery is a perfect blend of the classic Austen style and a Nancy Drew mystery. Jane Austen is a spirited young woman, sent to the Cromwell household to keep company with Lady Cromwell for a week until her son’s birthday party and ball. She is pretty bored from her obligation but soon she finds out a legend about a vengeful ghost that haunts the Abbey next to the house so she decides to investigate. Will Jane be able to stay out of trouble as was recommended by her mother? Or will she give in to her curiosity?

This book was absolutely charming; I wasn’t sure what to expect going in… having never read Jane Austen, but I was honestly so pleasantly surprised by this book. Classic books and I don’t get along but I really enjoyed this modern take on an old classic author.

I’ve been hearing so much about Jane Austen since I joined the book community a few months back and I was very excited to read The Abbey Mystery by Julia Golding which puts a young Jane as the protagonist. Jane Austen was a woman ahead of her time, proving just how much a clever girl can achieve – whether society is ready for it or not! In The Abbey Mystery, Jane is a heroine for the next generation. Her story is the perfect introduction to the world of Jane Austen novels for new readers as well as a deliciously nostalgic journey for those who are already long-time fans.  I truly hope that this book is the first of a series of wonderful mysteries.

I would highly recommend the story to middle-grade readers who enjoy delving into the world of historical mystery.

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I hope you enjoyed todays guest post! As a massive Jane Austen fan I will definitely be getting myself a copy of this book.

Do these books sound like something you would want to read? Have you read any of them?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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