My Favourite Places in Brighton!

Happy May!

I hope you are well and keeping safe. A little side note… It is Gemini season so Happy Birthday to all my fellow Geminis. With this being said and having a little break between uni work I am able to get back to scheduling content for you guys and it is going to come at you thick and fast. Aiming for a minimum of a post a week but we know that sometimes I get a little excited and well it will be more than that.

After a break in April I am back with a post that I have been super excited to share with you all.

This post is in collaboration with quite a few other bloggers in the community. I will have all of them listed at the end of the post, so be sure to check out their blogs as well as their collaborated post. We wanted to showcase a few places we love in our areas to provide travel inspiration to our readers.We have all gained the itch to travel as soon as we are allowed and it is safe to. Along with this, as a blogger, one of the best parts is connecting with creators all around the world. We wanted to use this opportunity to share more about ourselves & connect more with our readers.

It is likely that this post will be one of the most personal posts I have done and will give you a little more of an insight into myself (all things Gee). I am writing this sat in my little apartment just outside the centre of Brighton (England). A place that I am so grateful to be able to call home.For those who know me you will know I have always been a little obsessed with Brighton and always wanted to live here. I was able to make that a reality back in July of last year. However I have visited Brighton so many occasions that to me it has always felt a little like home. Now as someone who gets to call Brighton home there are so many things about the city that for me just feel so magical. This post will share with you some of my favourite places.

The Lanes:

Now it would be a list of my favourite places in Brighton without mentioning the Laines. Here you will find some of the nicest jewellery shops and also some of the cutest and quaint shops. Along with one of my favourite small business coffee shops which to me just screams an ideal place to have that meet cute that you hear about in books and films.

From coffee shops to bars, cafés to restaurants, clothes stores to florists there is something for everyone. If like me you love yourself some crystals and anything that allows you to embrace your inner Witch they also have plenty of these stores.

I would highly recommend the Coffeetzar on trafalgar street for coffee. Honestly where you will find me most days. Some of the nicest staff ever.

If you are a crystal fan like me I would recommend heading into the lanes and checking out Two Feathers who not only have some of the nicest staff but so many crystals, jewellery, candles, tarot decks anything your magical selves could wish for.

If you are looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat I would highly suggest you head out of the north laines and head down to the lanes with all the jewellery shops and take a pit stop at Donatello’s who are one of my all time favourite restaurants and my first point of call after lock down.


Again with many cute restaurants and bars… along with coffee shops I thought I should give Hove a mention… Specifically because one of my favourite little book shops is located in hove and it would not be me if I did not mention a book shop. If you ever come to Brighton why not take a walk into Hove and stop at City Books shop. It is one of my favourite bookshops. Hove beach is also the perfect place to head if you are looking for a quieter beach to sit on.

Open Market:

Located just of of London Road in Brighton you will find one of my favourite places. The Open Market which has some of the best and quirkest little stalls for you to browse from Fruit and veg stalls that at Christmas also have real Christmas trees (if you know me well you will know the excitement.) to a book stall which has every classic novel you could ever think of and more.

One of my favourite stalls at the Open Market is the Crystal Therapy stall run by the loveliest lady Lorraine. Who stocks so many beautiful crystals and little magical treasure that just fill my heart with such joy. It is somewhere that I know my best friend would adore.

Open Air Theatre:

The theatre lover in me had to point this one out. Located a little outside of the centre of Brighton we have an open air theatre, which to me is one of my favourite places because I just think it is so beautiful and something a little different. If you love theatre like me it is a must see even if it is just to have a wander and grab a coffee from the little shop nearby.

The Pier:

Obviously it would be wrong not to include the Pier in my list of favourites, whether it is just going for a walk along the Pier to grab a coffee and take in the views, or spending way too long in the arcades, there is always plenty to do on the pier. And a little bit of local information it is also the location where some filming to place with Harry Styles for his new film My Policeman based on a book set in 50s Brighton. (Not out until 2022)

The Beach:

It would not be a list of some of my favourite places if we did not talk about the beach. Whether it is just going for a walk along the sea or stopping for a coffee and some food a one of the little restaurants. The beach is one of my favourite places of all time. Normally when the weather is gorgeous you will find me sat on the beach with a coffee either reading a book or journaling. There is just something about writing whilst sat by the sea.

You will notice a theme with a lot of these places a lot of them but each one has a little special place in my heart and all add up to some of the main reasons I have fallen head over heels with the place I am so lucky to call home.

Have you visited Brighton? Where are some of your favourite places? If not do you think it is somewhere you would want to visit?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

On a different note would you like to see more posts like this let me know? x

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11 thoughts on “My Favourite Places in Brighton!

  1. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite places! The beach looks so inviting. Perhaps one day I can visit. It was a lot of fun collaborating with each of the bloggers and learning a little more about each one. I look forward to having another collaboration together with each of the bloggers again. 😊

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  2. I haven’t yet been to Brighton but it’s on my list for the future. I love crystals too! And that shop seems like a def place to go. And of course, I love the beach too! There seems to be a lot of rocks on the beach there though haha. walking bare foot must not be fun.

    thanks for collaborating & sharing your favorite places to go in your town! it was a lot of fun getting to know everyone better.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your favourite places in Brighton! The Laines sounds lovely, as I am way too obsessed with cute and quaint shops! Finding a book in a shop in Hove, then heading down to the beach to relax sounds like a perfect day out.

    I loved this collaboration; it was a great chance to discover new places to explore. Thank you for sharing! 😁

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