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A Handful Of Happiness: A Book Review

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to August! As you read this I am away a little staycation with some of my old uni friends. Instead of not having any content for you guys I thought I would update some of my old content and share it with you guys. This in itself was more refreshing than I thought it would be.

My gorgeous best friend bought me a little book called A Handful Of Happiness which is written by Antonella Tomaselli who in the most beautiful way tells the story of the greatest vet in the world (in my opinion) Massimo Vacchetta. For my birthday a couple of years ago and still to this day it is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. She decided to buy me this book for my birthday after seeing it on Zoella’s Instagram story a few months back because in her words the story seemed so beautiful and it seemed like it would be a book that I would enjoy. As someone who is a huge huge hedgehog lover I can not explain to the joy I felt opening this book.


A feel-good memoir of a man and his hedgehog

Massimo Vacchetta, an Italian veterinarian specializing in large animals, is recently divorced and feeling heartbroken and depressed—until the day that someone brings an orphaned baby hedgehog into his clinic. As the tiny hedgehog cries and whimpers, Massimo immediately understands the extent of the animal’s vulnerability and isolation. Recognizing her helplessness and desperation in himself, he connects with her in a way he’s never connected with any other animal.

In caring for this hedgehog, Massimo uncovers her vibrant personality, and rediscovers his own. Soon, another sick hedgehog lands in his lap. And then another. As people begin to seek him out to heal and care for their injured or orphaned animals, Massimo finally discovers his life’s mission.

As other sick hedgies are healed and released, Massimo continues to dote on Ninna like a child, constantly fretting about her health and happiness, caring about her in a way he’s never cared about anyone or anything else. But the cage that once kept her safe soon becomes a prison, and as much as it breaks Massimo’s heart to let her go, he knows she longs to be free.

Through this life-affirming story of a man and his hedgehog, we learn that no love is too great and no creature is too small.

My Review:

TWO DAYS was all it took for me to read this book completely as I just could not put it down the courage and honestly true love that Massimo had for the beautifully underrated animals was genuinely touching.

As a kid, I used to go on holiday to Devon with my family and we always used to visit Prickly Ball Farm which allowed you to see baby hedgehogs and interact with the feedings of slightly older hedgehogs. So this book I swear made my heart melt. There was something so incredibly charming about his journey with this hedgehog and the story that goes alongside it.

It was so lovely to be able to read a book that changes your whole perspective of certain things life will throw at you and genuinely put you in the best mood for hours after reading it… It is a truly inspirational book and Massimo Vacchetta I salute you, dear sir, you are incredible.

If you ever feel slightly stressed by the lack of compassion shown by humanity these days this book gives you a sense of hope. It is almost like getting a warm hug.

Massimo Vacchetta

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If you get the opportunity to read this I would highly recommend you dive straight into it.

If you have read this book what did you think?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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