What Your Staycation Needs To Beat Holiday Blues

Happy September!

Hope you are having a wonderful September so far. We are back with another guest post… as summer comes to end I thought it would be time to discuss ways to make your staycation better.

Staycation plans are on the rise as travellers are experiencing issues with international travel. The list of green, amber and red destinations is still evolving over time. But the truth is that even if you’re fully vaccinated, risks and hassles remain depending on your destinations. With a rapidly changing situation, it could be safe to spend a week abroad, but you might have to quarantine or pay for additional tests on the way back. Who knows how fast covid restrictions are moving? We’ve been told that the back-to-school time will put kids and teachers at increased risk in the UK. But now picture the same situation in a French, Italian or Spanish tourist town. Will kids, parents and teachers be equally at risk? Yes. But you are also in the middle of it and could catch a new variant of the coronavirus. The bottom line: We’re still being cautious about travelling

However, if you’ve missed the chance to plan your dream beach holiday abroad, you can still take a break from your routine with a staycation. Staycation means you are staying in the UK. The advantage is that you are more aware of the health situation and therefore in a better position to stay protected. However, if you’re an enthusiastic traveller, a staycation could sound dull. Here’s the trick to make it an exciting vacation: Pick a theme that works for you. 

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Theme 1: Relaxation

If the year has been stressful for you, why not arrange for a relaxing and pampering staycation? The best relaxing boutique hotels in the UK offer a variety of soothing and beautifying services and features. Take a close look at the room description and the photos. You want a cosy and luxurious bathroom where you can enjoy a calming bubble bath. Many spa hotels also share a list of their luxury toiletry products, including face and hair masks and scented bath salts. Bonus point if the hotel also includes a glass of bubbly to complete the bath experience! Pay close attention to the towels too. Ideally, you want quality towels that are absorbent and gentle on the skin. Luxury spa staycations prefer a trustworthy supplier such as Richard Haworth for their bed and bath textiles. While the accommodation may not mention the supplier’s name, if they boast about using the same towels as Hilton hotels, you know you’re in good hands. Ideally, your relaxing staycation should be outside busy city centres, in a countryside area where you are not disturbed by urban noises. 

Theme 2: City visit

Life in a fast-paced city can be stressful. So it can be surprising to pick a city for your staycation. However, a busy city has many entertainment opportunities and huge access to cultural events that wouldn’t exist anywhere else. If you’ve decided to spend a few days in a city, you want to pick cosy accommodation in a quiet part of town but within a short distance from meaningful venues. Some hotels also help you organise your tickets to attend concerts or theatre plays, so it’s definitely worth exploring this option. The best city accommodations are clean, roomy, and near public transport. People at the reception are knowledgeable about the local events and can recommend the best restaurant, city tour, or museum for your budget and interests. They often have special discounts for local venues! 

Theme 3: Back to nature

If you’re tired of urban landscapes, a staycation that immerses you in the middle of nature is a fantastic chance to recharge your batteries. You’ll find plenty of quirky stays in the UK, including tree houses, converted barns, etc. These back to nature stays are designed to take away the city stress. But they shouldn’t compromise on comfort. Therefore you want to ensure they are in close proximity to local amenities and eateries. Additionally, the best back to nature places have a unique selling proposition, such as included breakfast with fresh bakery and farm products, a unique view, or even being surrounded by wildlife. The quirky setting still includes access to electricity, water and heating in some ways. 

Theme 4: Sporty vacation

If you are looking for an adventurous break, a sporty staycation is the best option for you. Typically, sporty staycations allow you to engage in high endurance or high adrenaline activities, such as hiking, scuba diving, or even kayaking. Therefore, you want to pick your accommodation based on your recovery needs. In other words, a shower won’t do. Choose places with a full-sized bathtub or even access to a jacuzzi where you can relax your muscles after a long day. Hotels or BnBs offering a hearty breakfast should take priority too. You can’t manage an active day without plenty of energy! Some sporty staycations also offer discounts for sports booking or equipment rentals. 

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Theme 5: Romantic stay

It’s a holiday for you and your darling. Why not head to one of the most romantic hotels in the UK? Other-worldly Thyme in the Cotswolds is a cottagecore dream with an elegant spa. But if you prefer a unique and peaceful view, head to Fort William, where the Inverlochy Castle Hotel at the foot of Ben Nevis will take your breath away. Romantic staycations should include room for custom requests, such as asking to have fresh flowers in the room. Ideally, you want a peaceful area that is easily accessible by public transport or car. The best romantic hotels also have direct access to a restaurant on-site because nobody wants to drive to town and back. 

Theme 6: The Hermit stay

Sometimes, you just want a break from it all. A remote staycation that is only accessible by car lets you disconnect from your everyday routine. Remote accommodations are often off-the-grid, meaning you may not get full access to electricity or running water. However, the best places offer simple entertainment options, such as board games, decks of cards, or even packed bookshelves to keep you busy. Landlords often prepare a hamper basket for their guests. 

The best staycation depends entirely on your preferences. Are you someone who prefers to visit cities or to stay in a remote rural location? Are you a romantic, a fitness enthusiast, or a culture geek? Whatever takes your fancy, if you’re going to make the most of your staycation, make sure to pick the right accommodation for your personality. 

What is your favourite kind of Stay cation?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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