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Blogtober Day 11: Favourite Book Quotes About Autumn

Happy October!

I hope you have been enjoying blogtober so far. I cannot wait to share the rest of blogtober!

Today’s post is some of my favourite book quotes about Autumn:

The Anne of Green Gables as you are all probably aware is one of my all time favourite books and one of the first books my dad bought me so obviously one of the quotes would be from this one.

How beautiful is this quote, I mean what a beautiful way to describe fallen leaves.

This quote more than it would normally made the cut this year as it’s exactly what happened in my life Autumn hit and at the same time my life started all over again with a move and a new job. So this quote felt perfect.

Let’s be real we all knew Breakfast at Tiffany’s would be included here but tell me its not beautiful.

And you probably are not surprised that potter is here either, but what can I say?

What are your favourite Autumn quotes?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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