Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Bucket List

Happy December!

You will all know that this time of the year is literally my absolute favourite time of the year. I thought we would keep the first week of Blogmas very simple yet festive and share with you my Bucket list for this Christmas, some of you may know that this will be my first christmas living alone in a location where I do not really know anyone. So my goal is to do as many festive things as possible to avoid not feeling very festive this year. So for Blogmas Day 6 I am sharing with you my bucket list for Christmas 2021.

Obviously for some of these I will need other people therefore I am fully attempting to rope in some friends and colleagues to the secret santa part… will it happen we will never know.

Since I am living in a different location this year and it’s a little bit of a journey to get into London and Brighton ( don’t worry I promise I will be back) I thought it would be a good time to explore some more Christmas Markets in and around the local areas. In all honesty I cannot wait to share with you some of my favourite Christmas Markets that I find this year.

Also living alone gives me the opportunity to do a lot of baking. I said I was going to do baking for Halloween but that did not quite go to plan… so there will definitely be some baking for Christmas!

Let me know what’s on your bucket list this Christmas?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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