Blogmas Day 7: A Weekend in London- Mcfly Concert

Happy December!

Back on the 20th of November I travelled into London for the weekend to spend sometime in my favourite city. On the Saturday I spent some time with my mumma although the plans where slightly changed due to not feeling 100% but thankfully come Sunday I felt so much better and I got to attend the Mcfly One Night Only… Again show at the O2 arena.

Not only did we celebrate 18 years of Mcfly (YES 18!). I also got to spend the day with one of my favourite humans. (Our friendship started due to Mr Harry Styles) but it is safe to say we have the same feelings over Mcfly.

If you are a fan of Mcfly or Strictly Come Dancing you will know that Tom Fletcher and his partner Amy were voted out last night after what was my favourite performance from them on musical week. Dedicated to his sister which I thought was beautiful. After Tom mentioned this during the show the atmosphere a shifted a little to being a little more hyper and as if we were celebrating how proud we all were.

I had forgotten how much I love being in a Venue with people who all love the same thing and quiet how beautiful it can be. During this moment of The Heart Never Lies hearing everyone sing “Mcfly’s here forever” actually got a little emotional.

We ignore the video quality there was a lot of shaking and crying… not sorry.

Come Monday I was definitiley very sad to be leaving London. But before I left I decided to take the opportunity to check out the areas the hotel. I made a trip to the Greenwich market and did a little shopping I popped into Waterstones and obviously left with more books than I realistically needed.

I then found the most gorgeous shop of well a little bit of everything. Dragonfly Lifestyle in Greenwich market have a tag line of “Where Fashion and spirit meet” and it is literally that. I could have spent an entire life time within that shop. However I controlled myself and only left with two things.

This gorgeous ring that called my name and well I couldn’t leave it behind. It also makes me feel so much closer to one of my favourite people in the world. ( the shop assistant was also a Gemini which made me smile.)

My plan for the weekend had been to explore as many Christmas markets as possible and although this was changed a little. I still had the best weekend ever.

Who was the last person you had seen in concert?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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