Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Decorations

Happy December!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 12 and I thought that since we have come to the end of the first week of Blogmas, I would share with you guys my Christmas Decorations for Christmas 2021.

In the spirit of transparency these decorations have been up since the beginning of November, and I have changed them around on so many occasions. However, I am obsessed with them and I could not be more happy with them. It is the first year I have gone quite so over board with them and if you know me well you will know my Christmas obsession is on a whole other level.

For me Christmas has always been an escape from the the unknown of what was to come around the season. Christmas has always been a season that I love because it is so easy to romanticize your life during Christmas. Christmas is such a beautiful and I think decorations have a way of making the home so much more cosy.

So we have two themes really in my living area, we have a winter wonderland and a traditional theme. So in true me fashion we also have two Christmas trees. Obsessive maybe apologetic not so much.

In my living room I have my traditional tree with golds and reds. I think the traditional red and gold brings such warmth.

The second tree is a winter wonderland theme of silver. I love this because it makes me feel a little more wintery and in the Christmassy spirit. Even if it does not snow it makes me feel a little more festive.

I found a minnie mouse door wreath and I just knew I had to have it. It brings just that little more festive vibes to my house.

I hope you are having the best December and let me know your favourite decorations for this year.

Love always,

Gee xoxo

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