Clearing my Mind

Happy January,

I hope you are enjoying the start of January. I decided to do something I have not done for a long time. When I lived in Brighton, I used to use walking as a form of clearing my head, I would walk down to the seafront, grab a coffee and then depending on the weather I would either sit and read or just walk around until I had to head home.

Since moving down to Dovercourt, I have not really been doing this and I can 100% notice the difference in my mental health. The thing it gets dark so quickly in the evening and there is limited lights in the area and by the time I finish work at half 5 it is almost too dark to walk and feel comfortable doing so. However, I have decided to try and make a conscious effort to increase the amount of walking I am doing. So I am attempting to get up earlier so have time to walk before work.

Due to this Monday being a bank holiday I had time to go for a walk this morning. However, it was a little different to my normal walks as my earphones had broken. Normally, I do not like walking without my earphones.

It however meant that I caught things on my walk I probably would not have noticed if I had earphones in. The quiet made it a perfect way to clear my mind and thoughts.

I had forgot how much I love being near the beach and just watching the waves roll in and out. There is something just so calming about it being so quiet. It was very chilly but so worth it. It is so strange walking along a beach and it being this quiet, I am so used to Brighton and it’s busy beaches, it still surprises me to basically see no one.

I spent so long watching this little bird run up and down the seafront. I genuinely think I spent a good 10/15 minutes just watching them go about their day. They were so quick and stayed basically in their little group the whole time. I just stood and drank my coffee whilst watching them.

I sometimes forget how grateful I am for living this close to the sea. It may have been a little chilly, and not quite the walk I had planned. It however made my thoughts feel less heavy. I definitely be doing this more often. I think as the weather gets warmer I will find new walks and explore the town a little more. As I am still relatively new here I am sure there is so much more to explore.

What do you do to clear your head?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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