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Meet the Book Blogger Tag!

Happy January!

I hope you are well and having a good january. I am back with another post and kicking it of with the first Tag of the year. It’s the Meet the Book Blogger Tag! I was tagged by the wonderful Kerri @KerriMcbooknerd. You all should definitely go check out her blog because let’s be real we know I adore her.

I love me a good tag… let’s begin.

The Rules:

  • Nominated bloggers can nominate ten other bloggers.
  • Use the same questions from the tag.
  • Tag the original creator (Bibliomavens) and the blogger who tagged you

The Questions:

Who is your all-time favourite book character?

Ooo this one is tough but based on what I always say are my favourite series of books. I would say my favourite book character is Sherlock Holmes. He is one fictional character I would love to spend a day with as I would love to know what is going on in his head.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which book would you take with you? (Survival books do not count)

This one way hard…I have spent a lot of time thinking about this.

What’s your most unpopular book opinion?

Again unsure about this one.

What’s your weirdest bookish habit?

I do not if you would count it as weird. I really struggle to not finish a book. If I am not loving a book I won’t not read it I will put it to one side and then try again at a later date. It will get finished and it annoys me if I cannot finish the book.

What character would you bring to a family event as your fake partner?

The issue with this is no matter who I decide to take really would show a lot more about me than we may want. It is quite often for me my favourite book/film/tv characters are the misunderstood villains. We do not think they would be the best to bring to a family event. This being said knowing that my family and the fact this includes my keely, I am almost positive that walking into a family event with any of these characters would just involve us making eye contact and her cry laughing.

What made you decide to start a book blog?

If you are not new here you will know that my blog started after a very long chat with one of my biggest supports in my life. It’s something I have always wanted to do and they rightly reminded me what is the worst thats going to happen. So we started with something I love which was books and then we expanded to talk about other things but books will always continue to be a massive part of what I write about.

What about reading and books do you love the most?

I have many different things that I could talk about here for why I love books and reading. However I think this quote sums it up really well. “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” One of the reasons I love reading is that it provides an escape and lets you travel to whole new universes without having to leave your house.

What is your field of study/desired profession/current profession?

I have a degree in tourism management and events management. My desired profession is a hard conversation to have as in all honesty there are several careers or things I would like to do. However I know that one of the industries I would love to work in now is the public relations industry specifically looking at film,theatre and books. Anything creative. Currently I have the pleasure to work for a global company as a “Global Librarian” not anything to do with books at all. In fact it would be easier to explain by stating I work as a Digital Asset Junior.

What are some book recommendations that became your favourites/obsessions?

The rivers of london book series is probably one of those book recommendations that sticks in my head.

What is the book you shove down everyone’s throat?

we all know that the answer to this could only be Illicit Affairs by Holly Dixon… you ask why because one I adore Holly she is an incredible friend and I could not be any more proud of her. Two because I have read this book maybe 3/4 times now and I adore the strong female leads she has included and also she literally wrote my new book character crush and she knows it. I sometimes genuinely feel a little like a personal cheerleader for her, anytime anything good happens she tells me about I literally squeal with excitement. She is also writing her second book and I cannot wait.

If you want to take part in the tag please do and let me know I cannot wait to read them.

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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