5 Things That Made Me Happy in 2021

Happy January!

Today’s post is all about 2021 and 5 of the things that made me happy. I am so grateful for so many things in 2021. I thought I would share with you just 5 of them.

Friends and Family:

I got to spend more time with some of my favourite people. I also got to go to my first proper pumpkin patch and spend the entire day embracing the spirit of Halloween.

I Graduated:

St Mary’s will always feel like a second home. I could not be more grateful for the experience. The ups and the downs but overall an experience I will never forget.

I read a lot:

Definitely not as much as previous years, but the little escapes made me very happy. I stopped reading for a little while but I forgot how much joy books bring. I have given myself a goal of reading at least 50 books by the end of the year. I know it is a low amount compared to some people however I think it is a good starting point.

My Policeman filming in Brighton:

I spent the most incredible two weeks with a bunch of girls I had only met by chance on the first day we went to see if we could catch any of the filmings. not only did we get to watch some of the filmings, catch a glimpse of the cast but we also made friends for life. I could not be more grateful that we met.


This blog became an incredible escape in 2021 and I forgot how much I love to write. I will be

What has made you happy in 2021?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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