90’s Romantic Comedies

Happy February!

As it is February and Valentine’s is sneaking up on us I thought it was time for a bunch of romance/Valentines/Love based content. The first of the content is a bit of a random one but I wrote this without putting pressure on myself and I must admit I kinda love it!

This saturday I decided was going to be my day to chill out after a long week at work, originally it was going to be my day to write but I was feeling a little uninspired. I ended up getting a subscription to Disney + on Wednesday originally because I wanted to watch Pam and Tommy but then I made a discovery. One in which inspired this post. There is an entire section full of 90’s movies. To be more specific 90’s rom-coms. This meant that my Saturday was spent watching 10 Things I Hate About You, Never Been Kissed and Drive Me Crazy.

I turned my selfcare Saturday drinking tea and watching 90’s rom coms, which let’s be real I was more than excited for. I however was shocked at the pure joy the feeling of nostalgia brought. Now to be clear I was born just a little too late in the 90’s to be brought up on these movies and tv series, this does not however mean that I am not a serial watcher of these. Now just to be clear I am not saying I do not love the 00’s Rom-coms but there is something about 90’s Rom-Coms that just hit differently. I put this down to the book lover inside who is a little obsessed with how people depict the idea of love and romance in whatever form that may be. 

It still amazes me quite how differently the idea of romance is portrayed in these films to the ones made in the 00’s and even today. We follow the same plot line, Girl meets Boy, Girl falls in love, boy doesn’t necessarily notice girl, something goes wrong and something brings them together and the BOOM! Happy ending and the cheesy romantic song plays in the background. 

However for me what sets these movies out from all others is the simplicity of them. There is no over complication when it comes to discussing love, friendship, and life changing events. The way that love was represented was almost poetic, old school and in my opinion beautiful.

It’s something I have noticed in different ways before, for example I am likely to tune out of an interview when they ask questions about love and what it means to be in love because it is seen to be a chore and difficult these days. However in an interview where Tom Hiddleston was asked if he finds falling in love to be more difficult these days, his answer is something I could listen to over and over again. It is simple, it is truthful and more importantly it comes across to be said with such passion and conviction, that it is almost believable that there are still those out there who believe in true connections. 

Watching 10 Things I Hate About You had me thinking back to all the times we have done things because everyone wanted us too and we have been too afraid to stand out in a crowd, the friends we had because we thought it made us look good and the broken friendships we kept in order to keep a status. It reminded me that actually all these things are so trivial, being someone you think other people want you to be only really damages you and the relationship with yourself. I was taken back to remembering why Kat became my favourite character in the movie not only because she was kick-ass but whilst everyone had these opinions of her, she was living her truth, yes she made mistakes but she was never apologetic for who she became. Also who doesn’t love young Heath Ledger singing in the bleachers. 

I watched Never Been Kissed and fell back in love with Drew Barrymore but also found myself inspired. Her character may not have been seen or heard as she wished to have been before but she certainly is now. Although we do not all have the opportunity to redo high school and our experiences there (not that I would want to) we all have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and have our words heard. Sometimes we just need a little push. 

Drive Me Crazy well where do we start with this one. I laughed, I Cried and it provoked some serious thought. I think it is one of the best cheesy movies about the right person at the wrong time. I love that they were old childhood friends that split apart but were drawn back to each other. I love that they get a happy ending and we get to learn so much more about their lives. I love the soundtrack to this movie. It also made me realise one of my biggest worst nightmare situations, the parents at the end… honestly I would die!

It is why I came to realise my obsession with Friends still lives on, it has become a comfort series for so many people and whether you like to admit it or not I can guarantee you will see a little bit of yourself in one if not all of the characters. Especially when you are in your 20’s and you are at the age some of the characters would have been when it started.

The nostalgic feeling this Saturday brought not only filled me with love and warmth, but triggered a sense of passion and inspiration within myself. I may not be 100% where I want to be physically/mentally and everything in between but it is never too late to start writing your own story. Why not stand out from the crowd, why not find joy in the old school, the corny, the simplicity of things. Life is a beautiful thing and only you can choose to write your story. You may not be a main character in everyone’s life but you sure as hell are meant to be the main character in your own.

I felt unsure I would be posting in February apart from the guest posts but I now have a new sense of creativity. I did not want to write for so long because I felt like I had nothing to say, I was unsure if it would come across as authentic and whether I had the energy to put out into the world. However, I know I would be more disappointed in myself if I had admitted defeat and not written at all. 

Who would have thought a day of quiet and a few old movies that felt familiar would spark a whole new passion.

What is your favourite 90’s movie? 

Love Always, 

Gee xoxo

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