How to spend Valentines Day single:

Happy February!

I have actually had so much fun writing content for February especially as it came at a point I had hit a writing wall. Today’s post is another in the collection for Valentine’s content.

Valentines day as a single is something that I feel is almost a taboo subject. I know that as a teenager well actually up until my 20’s being alone on valentines day always seemed to be a thing we did not want to do. However it is funny how as you grow older this prospect seems less important. As someone who loves to read and often chooses to read romance novels I like to consider myself a little hopeless romantic. However I am the first person to say that my faith in true love is a little shaken. So Valentine’s day was never a day I really chose to enjoy but the thing is who says you cannot enjoy yourself as a single on Valentines day. We all deserve a little romance in our lives and so what if it is romancing your own life.

I thought I would put together a list of things you could do this Valentines if like me you will be spending it without a partner. 

With mentioning that I am a self proclaimed hopeless romantic it is important for me to note that celebrating love comes in so many different ways. It can refer too many different forms of love. We could be celebrating the love between two people or the love we have for our friends and family. But the most important form of love that is rarely discussed (More discussed in recent years) is self-love because no one deserves love more than the love you feel towards yourself. Be kind to yourself this Valentine’s Day. You are worth it.

1. Self-Care

Spend Valentines day having a little pamper. What better day of the year to provide yourself with a little self care. Run yourself a bath with your favourite products, maybe even a bath bomb, set up your favourite candles. And just relax. Treat yourself to a face mask and work your way through your self-care routine. Take some time to spoil yourself because you are worth it. 

2. Do something you love

I feel like this is something that goes with the first one but what better time to do something you love. As Valentine’s this year lands on a Monday I will be working during the day but my evening will be spent with a Hot Chocolate and a favourite movie. At the moment I am working my way through the Marvel movies again so I am certain it will be one of those. I may even get a pen and paper out and start writing. There is something incredibly pleasing about picking up a pen and just writing without having a set topic. It is something I have not done for a while.

3. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Get the gang together to do something fun as a group. This used to be my favourite way to celebrate with friends, drinks and a lot of laughter. This year I am a little further away from my girls than I would like to be so Galentines will look a little different this year but I am sure we will if nothing else jump on a facetime call for a little while.

4. Do something Creative: 

It doesn’t matter what you do but take some time out of your day to do something creative. Write a poem, bake something, paint, or even just dance around your house to the music you like. Any of this counts as being creative. I miss the days where anytime I needed a distraction I could visit my drama studios, even just talking to my drama teacher was a solid reminder that creativity does not need to be something big everytime. It can be but even just taking 10 minutes out of your day to express your creativity can have a massive impact on your mental health.

5. Do what makes you feel good:

In all honesty we could sit and list hundreds of ways you can spend Valentine’s day as a single but my favourite ever piece of advice is just spend the day doing whatever makes you feel good. Have a plan or just be spontaneous. Doing whatever you enjoy and makes you feel good is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.   


I hope whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s you have a lovely day. And remember single or taken you are loved and truly cherished and if no one has told you today you are amazing, I am proud of you and you are beautiful.

What are some of you favourite ways to spend Valentines? 

Love Always, 

Gee xoxo 

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