Guest Post: 4 Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day When You’re Single 

Happy February!

Today’s post is another in the Valentine’s day series but it is a guest post from the lovely Lucy who I adore working with. She follows up my how to spend valentines day single post with her top 4 tips for spending Valentines single.

4 Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day When You’re Single 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you are living the single life, it can be a little lonesome — but it doesn’t have to be. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebirds. It can be an enjoyable holiday for everyone, and it can be a celebration of love in general, not just the romantic kind. Bearing that in mind, AllThingsGee outlines a few things to consider when faced with celebrating the holiday solo. 

You’re Saving Money 

Think of how much you’ll save by not buying cards, flowers, chocolate, or dinner for two. You and your bank account will rest easy on this day without being raided for love tokens, and that’s money you can keep in your pocket and save for something else that makes you happy.  

Treat and Love Yourself 

A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by honoring yourself, and you can take the day off work to do it. You are worth the effort, and it’s important to acknowledge how amazing you are. Take yourself out to dinner somewhere cool, order in your favorite takeout, or treat yourself to a box of chocolates. If you really want to go all out, book a spa day for one, or take yourself to that movie you’ve been wanting to see — you won’t even have to share your popcorn. By splurging on yourself, rather than dwelling on being alone, The Huffington Post notes that you are giving yourself love.  

Treating yourself is especially important if you’re in recovery. So, be sure to make time for the activities that aid your sobriety–exercise, go to a meeting, spend time with supportive, sober friends. Remember that it’s crucial for you to be able to love yourself separately from another person. Being in a relationship should not be what defines you. 

Celebrate With Friends or Loved Ones 

Kids get to have Valentine’s Day parties without the air of romance, so why can’t you? Bake up a batch of treats to take into the office to share with coworkers as a way of saying thanks. Psychology Today suggests organizing a group of single friends to go out for drinks or dinner. Send cards to your favorite family members, or better yet, give them a call to let them know you’re thinking of them. Valentine’s Day can be a day of reaching out to those you love and letting them know they are special. By spreading love, you will get a little boost yourself.  

Get Outta Town 

If you know that Valentine’s Day is likely to bring you down, why not take a short vacation to avoid it all together? Find someone to watch the dog, book a hotel somewhere fun, and hit the road. If you’ve got the time and the money, take it a step further and leave the country. Head somewhere tropical where you can relax and soak up the atmosphere. A change of scenery might be the right antidote for feelings of anxiety associated with this holiday. So go ahead, take this year off! 

In the end, Valentine’s Day is just a day like any other. It carries a lot of weight for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Valentine’s Day can be what you want it to be. And best of all, it comes every year. If you spend it alone or avoid it completely, you can always try again next year.  

The AllThingsGee blog covers everything from lifestyle and beauty to book and theatre reviews. Reach out today! Allthingsgee@outlook.com 

I hope you enjoyed reading this guest post as much as I did. What’s your tip for spending Valentines alone?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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