My London Love Affair

Happy March!

I cannot believe it is almost spring! I cannot wait for the beginning of something new. This weekend I took a trip into London. I planned on spending the day here on Saturday, in fact I had a slight change of plans and spent that day with family. I had not seen them in what felt like forever and yet it also felt like no time had past at all.

My London Love Affair/

So on Sunday I decided to spend the day in London I met a friend for a coffee, and spent the rest of the day walking around London. As I write this it is still Sunday and I am still in London, set up in the most beautiful Waterstones writing this. Waiting for my phone to charge to continue my adventures. Have you ever found a place that feels you with so much creative inspiration for me ,there are three places so far on my list that make me feel like I can take on the world. They are Brighton, New York and of course the beautiful city of London.

There is so much about London that I adore from its quirks to its incredible history that never fails to inspire you. There genuinely is something for everyone. One of my favourite new additions to London is in Leicester Square and the Character statues they have erected around the middle by the cinema, each one representing a movie that has premiered in Leicester square.

The thing I love most is that you can walk through the West End and everytime I do it reminds me just why I fell head over heels in love with the theatre. The amount of creativity that London embodies is unmatched. Tell me that you cannot find a multitude of ways to escape and create a new reality. Struggling for content and the inspiration… take a walk through London. Visit the museums, get a travel card take multiple buses and more than anything it gives you an undefeated reason to reach out and live your main character vibes.

Bookish Moments:

Did I sit in Waterstones writing this, dreaming of living my bookish fantasy. People watching and hoping for the most incredible book loving, suit wearing, book man to walk past. Yes, yes I did. Am I sorry no, did I however find them… no. I did however come to the conclusion that asking for them to be wearing a suit on a Sunday was probably a bit much to ask…. Yes, Yes I did.

What did I learn from my day out in London on my own… well firstly I learnt I need to live closer to London, I forgot just how much I miss it. I also learnt that whilst in need of some serious butt kicking inspiration, panicking and sitting in doors does not cut it. I have to remember I am independent and do not need others to join me on my days out. Most importantly it was a stark reminder that WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE BACKGROUND CHARACTERS IN OUR OWN LIVES.

Creativity in London:

After leaving Waterstones I bumped into one of my old uni friends and I am not going to lie it has been such a long time since ive seen her… It was so lovely to see her again, it turns out like it did quite often that we are leading very similar lives… can we both have a meltdown about everything at the same time we certainly can. I walked to China Town just before agreeing to have a proper catch up with her and was lucky enough to catch an incredible busker @Lukesilvamusic… Another thing to love about London is the most incredible talent we get to see. I literally could have watched him for hours.

What was meant to start as a little post about my day out to London actually turned into a Love letter to the city I love. I was in a serious state of lacking motivation and reason, walking through London today reminded me of what I wanted in life and why I am doing this. It was serious inspiration that was nothing but incredibly needed and extremely welcome.

That and hey it was an excuse to spend some time in book heaven, explore the city and fall just that little more in love with it.

What is your favourite thing about London?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

12 thoughts on “My London Love Affair

  1. I loved this post! I’m so glad you found your inspiration again. I’ll have to come visit London again soon. I love that we are not background characters in our lives, what a good thought! Thanks for sharing!


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