Guest Post: Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Appreciate All Year Long 

Happy March!

I hope you are having a lovely March so far! We are back with another guest post from the wonderful Lucy! If you are a regular to the blog you will have seen a few of her guest posts over the last couple months. It is always a pleasure to have her on the blog. She always hits the nail on the head with the prompts given and honestly normally they are not really that detailed. Once again she is back but this time it’s Mother’s Day themed.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Appreciate All Year Long:

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, but for many people, it’s important to show Mom how much she means all year long. Finding the perfect gift to say this isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s more about a gesture than it is a physical item. Doing something for your mom that will help make her life easier, such as buying her some comfortable clothes, or help her practice a favorite hobby in comfort will help her find enjoyment all through the year, especially if she’s a senior who has limited mobility or health issues. 

Think of the best ways to help your mom find happiness this year. If she’s recently made the decision to downsize and has moved into a new home, she may need help getting her landscaping in order or decorating the interior. If she travels often, there are several ways you can make things easier for her next trip, including making sure her vehicle is in great shape and has everything she needs to travel safely. 

Keep reading for a few of the best ideas on how to make Mom happy on Mother’s Day and beyond. 

Start a Garden:

Many seniors love to garden, but some don’t have the space to plant what they’d like, while others find such an endeavor difficult to complete due to physical limitations. An edible garden is a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift because not only will it help your mother stay active with a hobby she enjoys, but it will also help her eat a healthier diet. Even if she doesn’t have much of a backyard, there are foods you can plant that will flower and look pretty enough not to be an eyesore to neighbors or the HOA. Radishes, turnips, broccoli, and cauliflower are a few examples.  

Fix Up the Home:

Every mom deserves to live in a clean, comfortable home. Even if you don’t have much of a budget to work with, there may be repairs or updates you can help with that will make things easier on your mother. If she loves to cook and bake, make sure her kitchen has everything she needs, such as a new oven with smart technology to help her stay safe. If she needs to take more time to relax, give her a bathroom with soft lighting, an organized countertop and cabinet area, and a clean, slip-proof shower.  

Get Out the Photos:

Moms love to look at memories, so go through all your old photos and create a book for Mother’s Day that celebrates your family’s time together over the years. Get the kids involved and make it a group project; buy a large scrapbook so that you can include things like ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and anything else you’ve saved over the years. You can also go bigger and create an actual book, published by a site like Shutterfly.  

Have Her Car Serviced:

If your mom likes to travel, it’s important that she has a safe, reliable vehicle that will help her get to where she’s going in style. Look for ways you can help make that happen, such as having the car serviced (oil change, tire rotation, fluids filled, etc.) so she doesn’t have to worry about it. Help her buy new tires or install a GPS system that will keep her from getting lost on her travels. You can also enroll her in a roadside service that will keep her safe should she encounter any mishaps while away from home, and many of these have the added perk of allowing discounts at hotels and restaurants.  

Making sure your mom has a great Mother’s Day isn’t about spending a ton of money; there are plenty of ways you can get creative with your budget and give Mom a gift she can enjoy for months or even years to come. Look for ways to help her enjoy herself and enjoy life.  

What are you getting your mum for Mother’s Day this year?

I hope you enjoyed Lucy’s guest post as much as I did.

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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