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Cinderella: A Theatre Review

Happy April!

I hope you are all well and having a wonderful start to 2022.

Today I am back with another theatre review and this time we are talking about a theatre show I have been dying to see. Not only due to the incredible cast but also due to the fact that the story of Cinderella has been one of my favourite stories for a long time.

*As always I did not want to give spoilers within this review but I cannot promise there will not be a few.*

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella is a beautiful retelling of a story we all know so well.

Yet this retelling of Cinderella is one that hits on a whole different level. If you have ever felt like the odd one out whether it be in a friendship group or for whatever reason, I feel like you will be able to connect with this telling of Cinderella. What hit me on a whole other level was the idea that although sometimes you may feel like you are on your own… someone out their adores you for who you are… opinions and all.

Bad Cinderella:

I think this maybe one of my favourite songs of the show, it’s one of my favourite songs due to the lyrics. Bad Cinderella discusses a girl who doesn’t follow the norms for their society. It discusses a girl who is seen to be bad because she is very open with her opinions and the fact she does not want to be like everyone else.


The entire cast was so beautifully well cast. Not one actor did not fit their character. I cannot explain how much of an impact having a well thought out cast has on a fans experience on watching a show. There was some incredible talent up on the stage. I have said it once and I would say it again Cinderella is one of the best stage shows I have seen in forever.

Prince Sebastian and Cinderella:

Now their relationship had me in a whole chokehold. Not only can I safely say Prince Sebastian, is a whole other kind of attractive but also has you feeling sorry for him due to family expectations. His friendship with Cinderella is one that you cannot help but love. It is stupidly obvious that they hold each other in high regard and there is love between them. However they are not honest with each other and for a short period of time were very frustrated at each other.

My favourite part of their relationship however is at the end when Prince Sebastian asks her if she ever stops talking. It was at this moment I felt the tear down my cheek and my heart fully skip a beat. Invested in their relationship… Quite possibly.

Prince Charming:

Now for the most part of this story Prince Charming is not present, however his entrance and relationship announcement had me scream cheering for him. Not only was it a brilliant addition to the story none of it felt forced and it was all kinds of stupidly beautiful.

Andrew Lloyd Webber:

I have a large amount of love for Andrew Lloyd Webber and not only is he responsible for one of my all time favourite musicals but he is now responsible for changing the narrative of one of my all time favourite stories. Not only are they changing the narrative but may I say they have made it so much better. If you were unsure how you related to the original Cinderella, I promise you there will be something you relate to in this version.

The Staging:

Carrie Hope Fletcher:

Writing this review I had a feeling that it would turn into a little love letter to this woman right here. I have adore Carrie Fletcher for years and yet this is the first time I have ever got to see her in a musical, a couple of years back I was lucky enough to meet her outside of Les Mis and I cannot explain how lovely she was.

Seeing her on stage in Cinderella I cannot explain the utter power she holds upon that stage. Her voice is so powerful and what hit me more than anything was that she got up on the stage and killed one of the most moving performances I have ever seen, whilst she is going through some big changes in her life.

If you needed a reason to love her more, I think this hits the mark down. You ever need a little inspiration to keep going. I think Carrie Hope Fletcher sparked mine and threw some inspiration my way.

Not only did this trip remind me of how incredible the theatre can make you feel, it also reminded me of how emotional it can be to see a groups reaction to something. It was a pleasure to witness the incredible reaction to this gorgeous musical.

Have you been to see Cinderella yet?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

2 thoughts on “Cinderella: A Theatre Review

  1. Fab review! I love both Disney versions of Cinderella although I’m yet to it at the theatre. The casting sounds absolutely amazing and I think I’d really relate to it (being someone who often feels different from the rest of my friendship ground) so I’d love to see it. Thanks for sharing x


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