A Burst of Hidden Magic: House of MINALIMA London

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to May!

I have to be honest I had the most incredible end of April and beginning of May! I got to see three of my favourite people in the entire world made even more magical by another one of my favourites joining us and bringing a guest. It was certainly an incredible weekend for so many reasons but when you have a group of people that have become your family it is always set to be an amazing.

On the 1st of May I went back into London to see my soul sister (cringey maybe but she is also a Gemini and I swear our gemini twins just align) Even our Hogwarts houses are different we have a Gryffindor and a Slytherin and they couldn’t fit us more if they tried. It is a running joke that the weirdest but most incredible experiences tend to happen when we are together and this was no exception.

During our spontaneous wander around London, through our tradition of wandering around Covent Garden and that area with no set destination in mind we stumbled upon what can only be described as a shop of treasures.

*Photos provided by favourite human*

House of MinaLima:

A brief knowledge:

House of MinaLima is a gallery/store situated in the heart of Soho that allows you to dive into the world of the graphic art of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts designed by MinaLima. For any fellow Potter lovers it is nothing short of magical.

When you first see it it just looks like a shop of merchandise but once you get inside you can take a trip down what can only be described as the world’s most magnificent staircase where you are greeted by a world of magic and inspiration.

A Moment Frozen in Time:

For a Potter lover who is also a very proud Slytherin, I sometimes feel like exhibitions miss out a certain kind of magic for us, this is not one of those moments as well as all the incredible characters we love so much we got to step into the families not always discussed and I loved it.

Firstly we got to see the prop replica for the wonderful wizarding letter that Harry was sent. Fully decided that it is one of my favourite things in the exhibition.

There is another little cabinet that shows the prop replica of some of the books that are featured within the film. I would be lying if I didn’t mention that as a child and even now these would have been one of my favourite things about being a student at Hogwarts.

Not only are there some really cool replicas in the cabinets but the walls are covered in the most incredible drawings and graphics from the movies.

One of my favourite things about the exhibition was the posters that covered the walls and the most incredible originial pieces shown of in little display pieces. I will be honest the book lover in me wanted nothing more than to get my hands on them… and also a glimpse behind the door labelled staff only…

Also the temptation to recreate this fireplace in my home during halloween is so high.

I cannot get over how incredible this little shop was and how magical it felt. It was enhanced by the fact we stumbled on it but I could have spent hours in there looking over everything. I found myself obsessed with the drawings of the the Lestrange family Ravens they were just so incredibly beautiful yet simplistic in design.

Again I cannot get over how beautiful the books are and I found myself in actual awe of them. Magical and inspiring is the only way I can explain the issue.

One of my favourite posters featured on the way in and way out that had Pumpkins and Witches on it… if you know me we are talking two of my favourite things in the world in one.

I kinda want this in my house one day… Like in a library xoxo

The first opportunity I get I will be heading back to experience this all over again and maybe pick up the notebook I was obsessed with the whole time.

Have you taken a trip to MinaLima Magic? What did you think?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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