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Phantom of the Opera: A Theatre Review

Happy May!

I hope you are well and have had a wonderful May!

On Thursday the 19th of May, I got to head to the West End to see one of my all time favourite shows. What I was not expecting however was to have one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have a strong love for Phantom as it reminds me of one of my favourite people of all time.

Pre show experience:

Ok, I do not know even where to start with this but I have to start with a simple WOW. So my dad booked for us to have a gold experience. Which in itself would have been amazing however as we were the only group of the day we got upgraded and when I tell you I could have cried on the spot.

Not only were we greeted by a red coat Shawn (could be spelt different, I forgot to ask… please forgive me) who for all future reference was one of the best people I have ever met. Not only did he go above and beyond but he was genuinely so passionate when talking about Phantom of the Opera and theatre. I left not only in awe of the show but in awe of the theatre and its history.

I could have spent forever looking at these little props and talking to Shaun about the show and the theatre. Don’t get me wrong I obviously wanted to see the show but I was fully obsessed with the little extras.

How beautiful is the royal suite… I still cannot get over its beauty. 

I got to hold the first Olivier Award won by Phantom of the Opera and honestly I think this photo says it all. I was so excited but incredibly emotional. This may or may not be the best experience of my life.

Tell me Her Majesty’s is not one of the most amazing theatres you have ever seen.


Phantom- Killian Donnelly I salute you, I have seen Phantom a few times (each incredible in their own right) but you had me utterly transfixed and found myself in tears. You play the Phantom in the most incredible way, not only through the way you sing but the way you carry yourself on stage, shows the torment behind the Phantom. 

Christine- Lucy St Louis, Oh how I wish I had the opportunity to met you because OH MY GOD. You performance had me welling up, your voice is beautiful and your stage presence is unmatched. 

The entire of the cast were incredible, I got go on and on for hours about the cast but it would not do it enough justice. They not only put on one an incredible show but I felt emotionally connected to them all. I constantly find myself with goosebumps and full of emotions.

The guy next to me had never seen the theatre show before but had watched the movie many times. I told him that the show would top the movie, and I was right, at the end of the show he told me how amazing he thought the show was. For me that is what theatre is all about finding the beauty in sharing an experience with people you do not know.

This is the only photo I could find of the stage itself but I thought it sums up pretty well the entire experience, laughter, tears and pure and utter joy.

Overall thoughts:

Phantom of the Opera is fully entwined with many moral teachings. One of my favourite moral teachings of the story is that you cannot force love and yet it spotlights in the most tragically beautiful way, the need in everyone to be loved. The Phantom’s past fails to allow him to openly express his true emotions, leading him down a path of one sided, toxic love. And yet it is hard to ignore the genuine moments of compassion shown towards the Phantom by Christine. 

Raoul and Christine’s relationship is one that had me hooked from the beginning, it is so beautiful. Yet their relationship faces so many challenges.

Fell in love with a little piece of theatre magic ✨

If you know me you will know that not only is Phantom of the Opera one of the first shows I had seen on the West End but it continues to be the one of my favourite shows of all time. I think I can safely say this was one of the best theatre experience I have had.

Have you seen Phantom of the Opera? What did you think?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

6 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera: A Theatre Review

  1. I love this post! While Phantom isn’t my top show, I think the experience of theater is so valuable and wonderful to experience. So happy that you got to experience Phantom like that and have a wonderful and enriching time!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve seen the movie but not theater and haven’t attended one too like that guy haha. You poured your emotions in this one. The upgraded experience was an excellent deal and the little details are beautiful. The theater is beautiful! Hands down if anyone has the choice of watching it, they would after reading your post. Loved it . Xx
    Isa A. Blogger


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