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2:22 A Ghost Story: A Theatre Review

Happy June!

Okay before we begin with the post. I am so late posting this. I went to see this back in Mid may however it means I have been trying to figure out the words to explain how incredible the show is. 2:22 A Ghost story.

I could spend forever talking about this show. However we have an issue when I was writing this review I had to edit so much so I did not want to give out spoilers for this. I will say though if you get the opportunity to see this show do it. It is one of the best theatre (non musical) shows I have seen for a while.

Story line:

It follows a group of friends having a little get together. When the most insane ghost story gets told and the weirdest things start happening. 2:22 becomes incredible important.

Not only does it follow the chills and jumps of a ghost story but it also has a storyline of a complicated love. We get to know all four characters so intensely that I couldn’t help but find myself attached to each of them them.

This however meant that the ending had me in what can only be described as the most emotional state ever. I wish I could comment on this more yet I really do not want to spoiler this.

I found myself not being able to take my eyes of the stage.


  • Sam- Played by Tom Felton
  • Jenny- Played by Mandip
  • Lauren- Played by Beatriz
  • Ben- Played by Sam

Sam and Jenny are married with a new baby, a new home and a lot of crazy happening in their life.

I wanted to go into this slightly open minded because I adore Felton on a whole other level and I did not want this to conflict my views. I have to be very clear with this his performance of Sam was nothing less than the most awe inspiring brilliance. This man was made for theatre and the west end.

Sams performance as Ben was also incredible, both Sam and Tom bounce very well off of eachother. I found myself wanting to know more about Ben and Bens background story. Also his wit and charm throughout had me slightly having him as my favourite character. Although this being said, I love Sam.

Beatriz as Lauren, not only do I think I am a little in love with her but I felt incredibly emotionally attached to her and the fact she was dealing with so much hidden love and frustration. Okay they may not deal with it very well with the alcohol consumption. However, she was unreal.

Mandip as Jenny has a power of making me feel her pain and the terror for the things going on around her. The end performance and her raw emotion, left me with tears in my eyes.

The most incredible thing about this cast is the insane amount of chemistry that they have amongst of each other. It is very much like being a fly on the wall of an actual dinner party between friends.


  • Tom Felton
  • Sam Swainsbury
  • Mandip Gill
  • Beatriz Romilly

I left so amazed by all of the actors on stage. There was so serious talent on the stage! I was so impressed by each and every moment of acting that took place. It was hard not to almost want to join them on stage for a conversation. I feel like they would have been the most incredible dinner party guests. I have so many questions for them. Also watching them all interact with each other on social media off stage makes my heart melt.


There was so much about this staging that had me in awe. Even though there was a lot going on, on stage it still felt so simplistic.

I also was obsessed with the little touches throughout the show.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Exciting moment after:

After the show we were so so lucky to get meet Mr Tom Felton. Now I have be incredibly clear here my inner child was screaming! I mean as an adult I was screaming internally, however the child that grew up watching him was in a whole other state of mind.

Not only was he the most polite person but he really did not have time to spend as much time as he did going around everyone. Not only was the show incredible but this was the icing on the cake for me.

Just a couple Slytherins enjoying some theatre

Love always,

Gee xoxo

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