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Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes – Book Review

Happy June!

I hope you are well and having a wonderful start to June. The countdown to my Birthday has officially reached three days and it is only right for the countdown to my birthday to continue with another book review. This one is an updated review as I reviewed this book last year as part of a blog tour. I added to my June TBR as I loved it so much last time.

I will let you know this involves Vampires and if you know me when I was younger I loved the Twilight books (I have no shame) any series about Vampires I could get my hands on best believe I have read them. Then for a long time I stopped reading as much. During the end of my first year of uni onwards, Vampire became a running joke between my friends and I (turns out you really shouldn’t let Vampires into your life).

I was then sent a couple books with a Vampire theme and this was one of them. Best believe it sparked my love for this kind of novel all over again. However I wondered whether or not the love would still stand the second time around…

Let’s Find Out:


Blindsided by an attack that destroys her home and blamed for murder, Karolina Dalca, a half-vampire, escapes, only to plunge into the magical societies from which she was sheltered.

Betrayed by those around her, she abandons her dreams of becoming an investigator and flees, trusting only herself. Her police internship would never prove more useful. Hoofing it through the wilderness, she makes it to her university dorm, disheveled but delightfully deflowered.

Enter a full vampire: one wielding dark magic and a ride out of Canada. A fugitive from the law, Karo complies with his demands to escape, unsure whether his requests are bewitched. She vows to clear her name and avenge her mother’s death, but Karo’s family secrets aren’t so easily left behind.

My Review:

I have to start this off with a small little disclaimer, I loved this book the first time round but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you the second time around I became slightly more attached to the characters this time round…I am a little obsessed! I finished the book in literally a couple days and I have so much I want to talk about but I also do not want to give away too many spoilers! So bare with me!

Just as the first time around the characters in this story had me completely invested in their lives. There is something about the way Karolina carries herself which will always have me being utterly in awe of this woman. The main character Karolina Dalca has my heart! She is incredible strong and has incredible will power. It is unmatched let’s be real. This half- vamp (That has to be so cool) does not take s*** from anyone. I think I maybe a little in love with her. I say a little let’s be real massively in love wit her. If this book ever became a film she would be the one character I would want to play, let’s be real I am not an actress just an ex GCSE Drama student with an obsession with film and theatre. But for Karolina best believe I would learn. She has a lot of sass and in her own way kicks butt. I feel like everyone needs a little Karolina confidence in their life.

Then there is Roman… he has me highly confused. Oh boy does he have me confused. He seems like a good guy (werewolf) however I am not sure if I am his biggest fan. Despite the fact he is a werewolf (not normally my favourites) but he sometimes seemed to try to control the situation and how Karolina acted. Whether it was purely out of love or there is something we do not know yet. I am on the edge with him a little. Even by the end of the book he left me a little unsure. I may or may not change this opinion but he reminded me of someone that was once part of my life and I don’t think it helped this character with me… maybe the next story will change this.

Finally, I want to talk about Andre because I am stuck in what can only be described as rollercoaster of emotions with this man. I loved him (mildly obsessed), then hated him like almost stopped reading out of pure disappointment, then kinda still loved him in the hope that there was good in him yet but then the book ended and I am still incredibly confused on how I feel. I am a sucker for a broken mysterious man (yeah I know) bonus points for the fact I know I don’t normally shy away from liking the characters you shouldn’t. If you know me well you know that my favourite characters tend to be the ones you should not like. Andre to me will now be known as a Spicy Vampire because I think it is the only way to describe this man. Yes I stand by Spicy Vampire, yes I am still obsessed with him. Yes I need more books and more story about this man.

There are other characters that I had mixed feelings over but I cannot really discuss without giving a lot about this book away. They however would not be fair to bring up because you really need to read this book.

The ending…. I felt like I was watching the end of a soap opera when they cut you off at the most dramatic moment. *INSERT EASTENDERS THEME*. I have so many questions, so many mixed feelings and I NEED THE SECOND BOOK NOW PLEASEEEE! The more times I have read this book, the more questions I have.

If you could not tell I loved this book and I know I will be rereading this on many an occasion. However this is probably not a surprise to those of you who know that I have a Vampire obsession and well this just made it a lot worse, at least brought it back to life.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What’s your favourite Vampire story?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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