Guest Post: A Creative’s Guide to Getting Discovered 

Happy July!

I hope you are all well and are enjoying summer! We are back again with another guest post from the wonderful Lucy! This time sharing some tips on how to get people to see your creativity.

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If you’re a creative individual like a writer or artist, you’re probably eager to share your work with the world. However, getting eyes on your work isn’t always easy. The good news is that modern technology like the internet and social media make it easier than ever to promote yourself and reach your target audience. Whatever your field, whether you’re into fashion design, creating crafts, or writing short stories, promoting your work is a valuable first step in being able to make a living from your creative passion.

This guide provides ideas for promoting your work and getting discovered, plus some general business tips.

Create your own website to showcase your talents

A website is an affordable and easy way to showcase your work. The Write Practice provides a guide to building an author website, for example, covering everything from hosting options to design. Once you have a site set up, you can use it to share your work and provide information about yourself as a writer. To improve your website’s search ranking, consider adding a blog. This will help enhance search engine optimization, so you show up higher in Google results. There are many topics writers can blog about, from book reviews to sources of inspiration.

Find public forums to promote your work

Your website is just one of many places where you can showcase your work online. There are also public platforms where creatives can share their talents. For example, if you create crafts, you might sell them on a site like Etsy. If you’re a writer, you can share your stories via platforms like Wattpad. This can be a great way to reach people and start building up a loyal readership base. There are even authors who have gotten publishing contracts thanks to the publicity they gained via Wattpad. Plus, you may be able to make some money via the site.

Get involved on social media

Social media is another fantastic forum for sharing your work and raising your profile as a creative. For maximum success, focus on a few channels. For example, if your creative pursuit is visual, such as painting, you want to leverage a visually-driven social media platform like Instagram. For writers, other media like Twitter can be more effective. Also, make sure to plan your social media in advance. Make a content calendar and map out when, what, and where you’ll post. This can help hold you accountable to regular posting, which is critical for long-term success.

Take part in events relevant to your creative field

Events can be another valuable forum for sharing your creative passion. Look up events specific to your creative niche and take part when possible. For example, writers may want to check literary events in their area. Additionally, look out for digital events that may be of interest to you. Modern technologies like Zoom have made virtual events more engaging and accessible than in the past, opening up many new opportunities. You can even consider hosting your own events, which can be a great way to network.

Get your creative business organized

As you start to gain notoriety in your creative field, you’ll probably start making more money. At this point, it’s time to get the administrative side of your work organized. Consider setting up a formal business entity like a limited liability company to structure your finances and simplify tax filing and bookkeeping. You should also create a business bank account to separate personal and professional finances. An integrated invoicing tool will make it easier for customers to pay you. Look for software that provides automated alerts when customers view and pay invoices, and gives you the option of scheduling recurring invoices.

As a creative person, there’s nothing better than being able to share your work with the world. The above tips will help you find ways to gain publicity and provide some pointers for structuring your creative pursuit as a formal business entity.

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Did you find any of these tips helpful? I know I did.

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