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Grease the Musical: A Theatre Review

Happy July!

On Saturday the 23rd of July, I got to see Grease the musical in the Dominion Theatre. We got last minute tickets so it was a pleasant surprise but there is so much to unpick with this. I knew it needed to be a blog post. 

Disclaimer there is a mixed opinion throughout this but I have to let you know that it was still an incredibly enjoyable show. 


We all know that Grease is an utter classic and one that many love and enjoy. Not only the film but the original stage musical.

I have one recommendation before we start is to make sure you go into this open minded. This musical plays tribute to the original stage show more than it does the film and although there were parts that I feel like they should have included it did not take away from the talent shown on stage.

If you are expecting to see the staple red shoes and black outfit Sandy you may want to remove this from your thoughts. Sadly there were no red shoes in sight. Although Sandy’s transformation was beautiful it felt wrong not to have the red shoes.


The entire cast was incredible however there is one person I have to discuss before we dive deep into the talented “Burger Palace Boys” and the “Pink Ladies”. 

Peter Andre:

Mr Peter Andre, let’s be real we all know that we love him, however I must admit I went in expecting mildly disappointing vocals and minimal acting skills. (Let’s not lie we love Mysterious Girl but still). I was nothing if not pleasantly surprised by his roles. 

Not only was he cheesy, funny and charming within the roles he played, his stage presence was nothing short of brilliant. Not only this but we were hit with some incredibly unexpected vocals. He had me both laughing and crying at his rendition of Beauty School DropOut. More importantly I had read mixed reviews about his performance and yet I cannot fault him. The characters certainly fit with his personality. In the performance he played  the DJ and Teen Angel. Both of which I cannot fault him for. He was nothing short of charming.

The Burger Palace Boys (T- Birds):

Where to start well I suppose we should start with the fact that within the first 10 minutes of the show I was very unsure on whether or not I was going to enjoy their versions of the role. I was struggling to find myself drawn to them. But I take it all back, there is no denying the utter talent shown by the entire cast, but I cannot ignore the talent these men have. Their dance scenes had me in awe. My attention did not leave the stage. 

Pink Ladies:

I am including Sandy in this because she is a pink lady but holy cow are these some talented women, from the dancing to the singing there is something for everyone. I cannot explain how enchanting these women are. I loved the energy they brought to the show. 

I think this is very much shown during Rizzo’s there are worse things I could do. The vocals are unmatched. 

Overall Opinions:

If you go into this expecting it to match up to the movie you will be disappointed and I cannot argue with the people who have expressed this. 

However I cannot stress this enough if you go into it open minded then I am sure you will be able to appreciate some of the charm of this show. 

Not only are we given incredible numbers we wouldn’t know from the movie showing off the incredible talent of the cast but also it’s just a feel good show. 

The bit that everyone lost their minds over was being able to join in with the Grease mega-mix. It was fun and games dancing and singing along with the whole audience. It was just another reminder of the pure magic of theatre.

Have you seen the musical? What were your thoughts?

Kindest Regards,

Gee xoxo

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