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Romancing Mr Bridgerton: A Book Review

Happy August!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. We are back with something I haven’t done for a little while and we are taking it back to some of my favourite things. We are back with another book review and this time we are reviewing Romancing Mr Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. Strap yourselves in… it’s going to be a journey.

Oh well where exactly do we start here… Firstly I need the whole series and all stories written by Julia Quinn. 

More importantly I should have read all the books before the series but here we are. We shall just have to reread. This being said as they announced season 3 to be Peoplope and Colin’s story I knew I had to read the book. 

Now this review is going to be a journey, because I finished the book within a day and I have not quite processed everything that I read. 

*Massive spoiler alert we still love Bridgerton and yes we have new love for the characters*


Oh my darling Colin where do we start with you!

We should probably start with the fact I very much did not want to like you. I was strongly holding a grudge from the end of season two however as a book lover I should have known better we should have acknowledged the fact there was not a chance of me coming out of reading this book without falling head over heels in love with you. (oh yes we are adding yet another fictional character to the list) 

I will admit that I have had mixed feelings about you across the books and especially in the first two seasons of the series. I cannot tell you how much I want to kick off at the way you spoke about Penelope Featherington at the end of season two. Yes I will admit she’s not perfect but dear god she did not deserve that. 

However now strap yourselves in it’s going to get intense. I now have a weird level of appreciation for Colin, not only does he finally wake up and release what was right in front of him and well I am here for it. 

One of the things I utterly adored about Colin’s character in this book is even when he is mad/ frustrated at Penelope he is still protective and still seems to be very aware of her emotions. This is not to say there are no points in the book where I didnt want to jump into the book and shake him. (jealousy over her success does not suit him)

However, come the end of the novel I couldn’t help but find myself beaming with a smile at how he talks about her. Not only this but I adore the fact he made it so clear he wasn’t ashamed of her. 


Penelope we know that I love you, this hasn’t changed at all. As a character I love how strong and incredibly outspoken you get to be when you take (*spoiler alert*) on the persona of Lady Whistledown, and I love how it shows that sometimes she is more the true you than you let yourself be. 

I love the friendship between Eloise and Penelope, especially when they are on their walks and putting the world to rights. I am always invested in a strong female friendship. Despite the end of the last season (TV series) I hope this is resolved ASAP because the friendship throughout this book is everything and more. 

I found myself crying, smiling and laughing with Penelope throughout this book, it’s safe to say although I most certainly don’t find myself attending balls and I am not surrounded by some of the best families I have read about in forever, there are certain parts of your personality, thoughts and attitude I can relate to. 

I found myself tabbing so many moments as my favourite Penelope moments in this novel. The fact she fell in love with Colin at 16 after meeting him through a clumsy moment is one of my favourite things ever! I love that in this book you get to see the development of their relationship. 

Colin & Penelope: 

I love that in this book you get to see the development of their relationship… Amongst all my favourite moments between the couple, there are a few without trying to spoil the book that had me smiling to myself. 

One I love is that despite Colin being an idiot and hurting Penelope’s feelings he was quick to apologise because he never intended to hurt her. He was just blind and it took him far too long to realise how incredible the woman in front of him was.

Two I love how supportive Penelope was of Colin’s writing and how she would always try and boost his confidence. We love a supportive power couple. (Yes there were moments this did not quite happen but I think we can agree the ending made up for this)

Pre-wedding events, we all know I was going to mention this but the fact Colin tried so hard to support Penelope through her insecurities and prove to her that he doesn’t seem them like this had my heart in bits. Also anyone else suddenly intrigued to see if they include the Mirror scene in the series… not just me… moving on.

The final chapter… if someone spoke about me the way Colin talks about Penelope, I think I would die on the spot. If you haven’t fallen for Colin’s charms by this point in the book I am almost certain you will after this. 

Lady Danbury: 

We all know that Lady Danbury is one of the elite characters in these stories but during this book she had me so in love with her.

I love the way she treats Penelope, I love that she relates to Penelope and I love more than anything even at the end of the book she is nothing but supportive of Penelope. (If this is not shown in the series I am going to lose my mind). 

I love the power Lady  Danbury has and more than anything I love the way she carries herself. 

It is no surprise to anyone that I utterly adore her and need to know more about her background and life. 

Lady Danbury I salute you… I do not know how but I think you had a little something to do with yet another of my favourite couples uniting. 

Overall Feelings:

Oh Mr Colin Bridgerton I went into this book wanting to slap you in the head for the things you said about Penelope at the end of season two (Penelope is my comfort character and I will not hear different). However, Colin I openly admit you are now one of my favourite characters and I love the support you give Penelope (once you get over your little temper tantrum). 

There is so much about the relationship in the characters in this novel that had me refusing to put the book down until it is finished. It also had me getting out the coloured tabs and tabbing so much of this book as favourite moments. However I think a warning is needed for the spicy moments in this book… more so because I forgot to breathe whilst reading them. 

Let’s be real at this point I might as well be in love with the whole Bridgerton family because they keep surprising me.

Have you read this series? Are you watching Bridgerton? What do we think of Colin?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

“As you very well know, I always have something to say.” -Lady Danbury

9 thoughts on “Romancing Mr Bridgerton: A Book Review

  1. Hi Gee. What a captivating review – almost like a mini book in itself, drawing the reader in. I love the fact that you were so immersed in the series that you were “strongly holding a grudge from the end of season two” – no sitting on the fence there! Keep up the good work.

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  2. This is such a unique and fun review format! I haven’t read or watched Bridgerton yet as it’s not what I’d usually pick up but your review has made me really want to give it a go! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts x


  3. I have not read the series or watched the show (crazy, I know), but now I want to. Your review was so entertaining and now I can’t wait to read the books! I’m a book before show person, so the show will have to wait a bit. 🙂

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