A Trip to Bath

Happy August!

I hope you are all keeping well and safe. How is your summer going so far? Anyone else loving the weather but far too excited for the Autumnal months.

If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you will know that sadly on the 28th of July my gorgeous nan passed away… this trip could not have come at a better time.

On the 3rd of August I took a trip to Bath with one of my favourite people. We both decided we needed a trip away from life and since we are both obsessed with Bridgerton, Books and well Tea we decided Bath would be a perfect escape. 

We did not really have much of a plan for our trip other than making sure to visit some of the locations of Bridgerton. We decided the best way to explore would be to put our stuff in the hotel room and then just wander. It worked out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Before we jump into the incredible trip itself, it would be wrong not to express my gratitude for not only having an incredible family but having a cousin who is one of my best friends and my crazy person. Bath was just another creation of incredible memories that I cannot express how grateful I am for.

Bridgerton Locations:

On the first day of our trip we went to check out some of the Bridgerton locations, which you will read more about in an upcoming post, not only did I find myself being more excited about this than I had thought I would be it actually created some of the funniest memories from this trip. You see people do give you some weird looks when you are walking down the street quoting random moments from the series.

In the above photo you can see where we decided to pit stop as we found the wonderful location of the Tons most esteemed Modiste. Sadly however no sign of the Diamond of the season and no scandalous gossip overheard on our trip.

Jane Austen Centre:

After our trip to some of the Bridgerton locations on the first day, we found ourselves taking a trip to the Jane Austen Centre (again more information to come in an upcoming blog) and what an experience it was. From the moment we entered the building to the moment we stopped for afternoon tea with Mr Darcy and experience was had by all. It was an incredible experience and one I will not forget anytime soon.

I was caught in my element here reading all about the publications of her works and how it was a family affair in getting them published. I found myself in awe of so much of the history in this building.

Holburne Museum:

On the first day we did not quite make it to this location but we drove past it. We then went back during the morning of our second day. If you are a fan of Bridgerton you will recognise this as the home of Lady Danbury and where she address the Duke of Hastings about his attendance at her upcoming ball.

The museum itself is a must see for anyone with a heart for old artists and artifacts from the people would have lived in the house. If you are just a Bridgerton fan I would strongly recommend taking a picture walking down the iconic pathway, if it helps I was fully pretending I was awaiting an audience with Lady Danbury.

Roman Baths:

On the evening of our second day, before our final dinner in Bath, we took a trip to the Roman Baths. After establishing that from 4pm every evening they lit torches around the main bath we knew we had to visit in the evening.

I still cannot get over how incredibly beautiful the buildings were and how informative the tour itself actually was. (more to come in another blog)

Despite the fact this would normally be one of my least favourite photos, it actually has become one of my favourites. I think the sun beam behind me and the way it bounces of the buildings makes this picture all that more impressive.

Lavender Fields:

On our last morning before heading home we took a trip to the Somerset Lavender Farm and well I can safely say we have unlocked a new happy place.

Just before entering the farm we saw a Tik Tok about not having a hot girl summer and rather instead having a Practical Magic summer and if this did not embody these vibes, I do not know what does. As someone who although I love summer, I am an Autumn/Winter cosy vibe kinda girl. The lavender fields had me so ready for the next seasons and spooky season to arrive.

Have you been to Bath? What was your favourite part?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

“There Are Some Things I Know For Certain: Always Throw Spilled Salt Over Your Left Shoulder, Keep Rosemary By Your Garden Gate, Plant Lavender For Luck, And Fall In Love Whenever You Can.” – Practical Magic

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Bath

  1. Stunning pictures. I loved reading about your adventure and trip to Bath. It’s so nice to have a cousin with whom we can share our interests and fun moments, isn’t it? I love that. Thanks for sharing with us, Bath is absolutely beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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