A Bridgerton Exploration of Bath

Happy August!

I am sure by now you have heard all about my trip to Bath and yes I promise we will be out of Bath content soon but I couldn’t help myself with this one.

Obviously one of the first things we had to do when we got to Bath was to go explore the locations featured in the filming of Bridgerton… I have no shame but I was like a child in a candy shop… Far too excited to spend a couple hours throwing myself into the dream of Bridgerton. Have to give my Keely props for dealing with me during this time because I was far too excited to cope. 

We decided to do a little research and then go for a wander around the different locations. 

We found the Royal Crescent which plays a background to many a promenade and a horse riding scene on route to a duel. No.1 Royal Crescent plays home to the wonderful Penelope Featherington and her family. (note I didn’t manage to get the full house in the picture due to the number of people outside but the house on the furthest right is home to our Penelope Featherington and family).

We stopped by Abbey Green to visit our favourite Modiste sadly no scandalous gossip for us but we did stop to admire it even so. If you can’t tell I was far too excited about this little find. 

We didn’t get a photo, however alongside our beautiful Modiste was the doorway under a triangular pediment which was the entrance to the lodgings of the Viscounts lover… If you like me cannot get the doorway scene out of your head. You will be glad to know this is where it took place… sadly once again no sign of the Viscount (A girl can dream). 

You are also likely to recognise the lanes from many characters promenading up and down them.

If, like me, you love the Duke you will most likely be as excited as me to learn that just under the archway on the lower end of the square where the coffee shop is located, is where our darling Duke of Hastings falls a little drunk. Once again no sign of a Duke but still pretty cool.

Holburne Museum:

We obviously had to make a visit to see in my opinion one of the best characters in the books/series and call in on Lady Danbury.

Let’s be real we could not leave without taking a photo of the iconic walk way down to the most beautiful house. It was 100% made better by the love of her character and the Duke. We cannot forget about him.

We also took a trip to Trim Street, it is noted however we got so excited by finishing the location of the Tea Shop and the spoon scene we seem to have forgotten to take photos of the shop itself which is currently home to a hairdressers. It is also the location as to where our Duke ends his friendship with Daphne but we refuse to think about this.

Heading to Beauford Square meant that we were immersed in the experience of promenading as Eloise and Penelope would have when Penelope gains the knowledge that one of her unwed “Maids” comes to be with child.

Once again no scandalous gossip overheard whilst promenading down this street but nonetheless we had to stop and capture the moment.

There were so many cute and quirky places to visit that would have you feeling a part of the Bridgerton stories. If you are a fan of the books or the series I think you will love visiting these locations.

What is your favourite Bridgerton scene/location?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

“There is always more to be achieved.” -Madame Delacroix

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