5 Top Tips for Freshers/Starting Uni

Happy September!

As we start September and the countdown to Autumn/Fall (just me… maybe). I thought this year I would mix things up and share with you some of my tips for University, especially if you are a fresher starting uni this September (Congratulations… you will smash it). 

I have some experience in this as I have now not only completed my undergraduate but also my masters as of this year. I thought I would do a couple posts on my advice/tips for uni. 

I thought as the first post in this mini series I would start with my 5 top tips for Freshers/ Starting uni. (don’t worry an advice post is incoming)

You do not need to bring your entire life with you to Uni (especially if you are in halls):

You know the random box you have brought with you filled  with little random things from home, yes the one that has a book you haven’t read in years and the one bag you may use just once. LEAVE THEM BEHIND. Your room will not have the most amount of space and room for storage. Be sensible with what you bring with you. Check out others lists on what and what not to bring. It will give you a good idea of what to bring with you. 

Get involved with the freshers events:

Try and get involved with as many freshers events as you can, not only will you have a lot of fun, you will get to meet some pretty amazing people. 

However on this same note don’t feel pressure to attend every event, I promise there will be other occasions to catch up and participate in the fun. 

Also on move in day try to keep your door open, even just for a little while. It is a great way to say a quick hello to those living on your floor. 

If you are attending the nights out be prepared for at least one (normally more) themed costume nights. I promise you last minute shopping is not the one. 

Freshers Flu:

Oh hunni, it is very much a thing. It also does not go away (I refuse to believe the cough I had basically every month during my uni experience was not caused by freshers flu). Stock up and be prepared Vitamins, Vapour rub, Hot water bottles, Blankets and as much water as your body can handle is about to be your new best friend. I strongly recommend having a basket or a draw stocked up with all things cold and flu/general health. Because I know you are sitting here reading this thinking you won’t catch it… I promise you that you will. 

Whilst we are discussing health, do yourself a favour and find out whether you have an on campus doctor or a doctor that will take students from your uni and sign yourself up. DON’T LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. (I speak from experience)


In the time you have before lectures start and you still have a little free time, explore. Whether this is getting familiar with the campus and where everything is located, to exploring the local towns and finding your favourite coffee shops for when you need a little time to yourself. I cannot recommend exploring enough, after completing 3 years and having a couple years after completing my undergraduate degree I still do not think I embraced this enough. 


Well it wouldn’t be a me post if we didn’t discuss books at least a little. Before you go buying all the books on your reading list. Speak with your lecturers and find out what is the core book and ones they recommend. With the others I know this sounds obvious but make use of the Uni library. If you are anything like me this will soon become your best friend by the time you get to third year. Do not waste money if they are not essential. Use the resources available to you. 

Your first year will go so much quicker than you think, in fact your whole experience will go a lot quicker than you think. How do I know this, well in 20177, I was sitting in my room packing up for the biggest change in my life and now I am sitting writing this having completed my degree and having some of the best memories for it. Just go with it, embrace it and more importantly enjoy the little moments. (I promise they will be some of the best). 

Are you starting uni this year? Have you completed uni what are some of your top tips?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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