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The Devils own Duke- A Book Review

Happy September!

I hope you are well and keeping safe!

We are finally back in a reading pattern! I know! It has taken long enough, but that obviously means we will have many book reviews! 

Today’s book review is another historical romance and well safe to say it may be a new favourite genre of novel. Today I will be reviewing The Devil’s Own Duke by Lenora Ball. I have a lot I want to say about this but also a high chance of being unable to express it all as I do not want to spoil it for you. So we might as well just jump in. 


Lady Henrietta Prince is far too busy for romance. She’s dedicated her life to turning her family vineyards into a profitable wine venture. But when she shares a kiss at midnight with a handsome stranger, she’s captivated…until he claims to be the distant heir to her father’s earldom.

Ash Ellis is a gambler who lives life on the edge. Now he’s locked his sights on a glittering prize and nothing will stand in his way.

When Henrietta is forced to marry the wickedly seductive scoundrel to keep her beloved vineyards, she vows that Ash will never have her trust or her love. Even if his kisses are more intoxicating than the finest of wines.

His new bride is certainly beautiful, but biddable? Not so much. Ash will settle for nothing less than Henrietta’s total surrender…but is he the one in danger of losing his heart?


Okay as always this section is going to be me talking to the characters about how I feel about them. However, I thought this one deserved a little bit of a disclaimer. I wanted to dislike Ash because I have a mixture of emotions that come to mind when I think about people in my life or who had been parts of my life when I hear this name. Reading the blurb alone I had decided in fact it was unlikely that he would win me over… I will this once under incredible duress admit I was wrong. 

But before we express our opinions of the Duke I will first mention that Lady Henrietta Prince is everything I love and admire rolled up into one kick-ass, although a little self-doubting woman. Not only does she not seek to be with a partner whilst still aiming for the hopeless romance that she has only read about. But she is also a “girl boss” who is making her own wine and putting the world to rights with her other incredibly strong female friends. 

Hetty I salute you, I think not only are you incredible brave for trying to fight what was society’s most ridiculous thoughts around marriage and women but also I adore the fact that although it might not have happened the way you had planned it you took a leap and in fact achieved exactly what you had been longing for you found unconditional and undoubted love. In all, it’s complicated and messy brilliance. 

Ash… Ash… Ash… How much I longed to dislike your character, in the same way, that Hetty tried to steer clear of your charm, and masculine brilliance. I too fell short at the hurdle and fell in love with you the moment I realised that everything you were doing, albeit questionable and dishonest was for the benefit of others and not letting others be treated the way you were. The fact that we could see the admiration for Henrietta in the way you treat her (for the most part).

It would not be fair to mention the characters and not mention the one character who wholeheartedly has my heart. Lucifer (Lucy) the cat… I want her and it is official that she may be my favourite character. If you know me you will see that I am a sucker for a cat or kittens and I am always bound to fall in love with them.


It is safe to say I loved it. I read it in two days and did not want it to end.

I’m a sucker for a relationship which just shouldn’t work, I love me a strong female lead and a story with more chemistry than we should really be able to experience from the pages of a book.

It is beautifully written and truly gripping. If you love historical romances. This one would be for you. Warning however there is a little spice to this book so strap yourself in it is one hell of a ride.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you read The Devil’s Own Duke? If so what did you think? If not would you?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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