Blogtober Day 3: Favourite Halloween Movies

Happy October!

Welcome to Blogtober Day 3!

I hope you have been enjoying Blogtober and the start of the spooky season as much as I have. Nothing quite like embracing your inner love for a spooky season.

I thought for Blogtober day 3 I would share with you some of my favourite films for fall and Halloween. I did this last year but specifically with Halloween movies. This year I thought I would include some of my favourite fall films as well and mix it up.

As you can probably tell I am not a huge fan of Horror films so I will stick to the more magical and family-friendly films around this time of the year. I however can promise you that I will have watched at least all of these during the countdown to Halloween!

Hocus Pocus: 

This one will always be on a list of my favourites and almost always will be at the top. It has Witches, talking black cats, a little cute romance and well everything we love and adore. Along with some kick-ass drama! 

Okay, so how excited were we about Hocus Pocus 2! I swear I felt like a child all over again! 


Not only one of my favourite movies EVER! But also it is top of my list of musicals I need to see. Beetlejuice is a family favourite and a tradition every year watch. Now just remember not to say his name three times unless you are prepared to deal with a whole lot of spooky drama. 

Practical Magic:

Practical Magic holds a special place in my heart and is a movie that I am not going to lie to you I could watch all year round. 

Although it certainly doesn’t skip on the slightly dark drama I would still consider it a feel-good movie. 

I mean who doesn’t want to manifest their dream partner… Safe to say I will be watching this a few times. 

Who’s up for some midnight Margaritas and dancing around a table…?


Another Disney Classic and a film I could rewatch over and over again. Nothing beats watching a witch find out who she truly is with the assistance of her family and a kick-ass grandma who as it turns out is an incredibly strong and powerful woman. 

I feel a Halloweentown binge-watching day is coming.


David Bowie is at his best… Labyrinth is a yearly tradition. It must be played this time of the year albeit more than once. It is such a feel-good film, I will give in to the fact it isn’t as good as some of the films these days but for a film of its time, there is just something about it.

And yes Magic Dance will be on every Halloween/Autumn playlist this year… I have no shame.’

Also, side note does this film remind anyone else of Zoe and Mark every time you watch it… Just me… maybe.            


The Addams Family:

There is no family quite like the Addams and let’s be honest we love them. 

I cannot however be held responsible for their theme being stuck in your head now. It plays on a loop in mine daily. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Those who know me will know that I have a serious love for this cult classic but more than anything it brings back some incredibly amusing memories of getting one of my favourite people who had never seen it before to watch it. I still don’t think he has forgiven me for not giving him a warning about it but he didn’t dislike it so I call it a win. 

Hotel Transylvania: 

I argue that the Hotel Transylvania movies are some of the best kids’ films ever! There are vampires/ werewolves/ jelly that can talk… Yeah, I am in. I tried to introduce my nephew to these films. Unsure he was that invested… I however won’t give up. 


Who doesn’t love a magical reunion full of twists and turns and powerful women? I know I do. 

This film will always and forever remind me of my Gemini Twinny… we may not actually be twins but there is no arguing that she is my soul sister and weird things happen around us. Way too many coincidences for it not to be. 

Sweney Todd:

No shame or apologies here. It is a year-round watch that just had to be included in the spooky season. My love for Helena Bonham Carter kinda runs this choice. It however is one of my favourite movies starring both Johnny Depp and her. Also, the soundtrack to this movie is elite… I will hear no different.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

A feel-good movie that can be watched both on Halloween/Christmas and in between. Tim Burton at his finest. Again a great soundtrack but also one of my favourite love stories and a film that will always remind me of some pretty amazing people. It is a yearly tradition but one that I am putting as an extra because I just can not work out if it is a Halloween film or a Christmas film is The Nightmare Before Christmas which I can guarantee I will be watching on the first of November!

What are some of your favourite Halloween Films? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to stay spooky!

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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