Blogtober Day 7: Autumnal tag

Happy October my darlings.

I hope you are enjoying blogtober so far. I thought it would be a good idea to have an autumnal tag again this year and it gives you guys an opportunity to get to know me a little better at the same time. The questions are taken from multiple different autumnal/fall tags so I do not take any credit for any of the questions. It is just a bit of fun.


Favourite Candle Scent?

My favourite Candle Scent changes all year round but for Autumn it has to be anything Pumpkin Spice Scented. It just feels my heart with such warmth.

To be fair anything Pumpkin, or Autumn leaf kind of vibe is always a winner in my book.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?

I will have to go for all of the above. I love all of them but I have a great love for tea at the moment. Especially different flavoured teas.

But Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are a must-have, especially on my days in the office.

I love me a hot choc but normally I wait for Winter to completely indulge in them.

What is the best fall memory you have?

My best fall memory is walking through Richmond park just as the leaves begin to start changing. Also Halloween my first year of uni with some of the best people in the world has to be up there.

More recently a trip to the pumpkin patch with my cousin probably has to join the list of best memories.

Best fragrance for fall?

I tend to go with fragrances that smell a little spicy (like Christmas spices) rather than floral and sweet this time of the year.

At the moment I don’t have a favourite fragrance… maybe time to go on the hunt for my Autumn/Winter scent.

Favorite Thanksgiving food?

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving really in the UK. However, we might attempt a Friendsgiving this year.

So I will probably do a roast dinner and have maybe a chocolate orange cheesecake for desert!

What is Autumn weather like where you live?

I live in the UK so it is almost chilly, windy and often raining.

I do not mind that so much, it’s an excuse to throw on my scarf and boots and just get super cosy.

Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves?

Jumping in a pile of leaves of course! I have not really done this since I was a child, but it is something that I see so many smiles on the little children’s faces when they are playing in the leaves. I am also the least sporty person in the world.

However, watching football games with a group of friends can be quite fun.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

I mean it is a little over-hyped but it does not stop the fact I love it so much! There is something about seeing the advertisements for Pumpkin Spice which just makes me so excited for fall.

Over-hyped but my guilty pleasure to say the least.

Favourite fall TV show?

I can’t choose between Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls. Maybe both! However, normally this time of year I try and watch as many Halloween/fall movies as possible.

This year however I have been re-watching The Vampire Diaries and maybe this should go on my list of favourite fall shows. I mean it’s a great show all year round but there is just something about watching it in cosy /spooky season.

What song really gets you into the fall spirit?

I put a spell on you from hocus pocus or the coconut song from practical magic, the midnight margaritas song.

However, also need to include the Phantom of the opera soundtrack and BeetleJuice the Musical soundtrack to this list.

What do you want to be for Halloween?

Most Halloweens, I tend to stick to being a Witch but you never know we might change it up.

Maybe this year I should go for a female BeetleJuice?

Hats or scarves?

Both but I tend to wear scarves more.

There’s nothing quite like walking to work when it’s chilly all cosy in your scarf.

What is your #1 favourite thing about fall?

Spooky season as a whole. But the changing colours on the leaves.

I Tag:



Lindsey Brogan




I hope you enjoyed the tag! What is your go-to scent for Autumn?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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