Blogtober Day 9: Spooky Ambiguous

Happy October!

Welcome to Blogtober day 9! 

As we close to the beginning of October, I thought it was a perfect time to share with you this gorgeous little collection of spooky stories and poems. I was kindly gifted this copy by Crumps Barn studio and I cannot express how grateful I am for this. I thought it was only fitting that I gave a little review of this collection that is perfect just in time for #Halloween.


Ghosts and vampires, zombies and werewolves. A mirror with danger at its heart. A child is delighted to discover she is a witch, and a village disappears under a fairy curse. Then a selkie finds her way back to the waves, before a blood moon rises, bringing its own secrets …

Full of the spooky and the gothic, fairy tales and poetry, this is a brilliant and intriguing collection where nothing and no one is as they seem.

Bringing together authors from across the UK: featuring Penny Ayers, Michael Bartlett, Patrick Booth, Amaris Chase, Holly Anne Crawford, Ivor Daniel, Amanda Jane Davies, Daphne Denley, J. J. Drover, Harriet Hitchen, Rebecca McDowall, Jane Phillips, Angela Reddaway, Joe Robson, Margaret Royall, with illustrations by Lorna Gray.

My Thoughts:

Spooky Ambiguous is a stunningly beautiful collection of short stories and poems of Gothic fairy tales about vampires, ghosts, zombies and werewolves. If you know me you will know it is basically a dream collection of some of my favourite things to read about. If you are like me and are in love spooky season and have a soft spot for the most beautiful gothic literature you will love this collection. Each of the poems and short stories are by written different authors. Allowing you to experience the power that is the writing of the individual. One of my faviourite additions to this book is that they added little gothic inspired illustrations throughout out, each within their own right setting the atmosphere that is carried through out this hauntingly beautiful and unexpectadly inspiring collection.

It is a perfect read for October as we embrace the nights drawing in earlier and earlier. For the cosy evenings wrapped up in a blanket preparing for spooky season and Halloween I loved how there was gothic pictures through the book as well. Each story was easy to get into. I could read and reread this collection for years.

My favourite of the collection:

I was planning on picking a favourite from the collection but it is incredibly difficult to do so when I am so obessed with them all. I think I would maybe choose not to have a favourite but love them all.

Would you read this collection? 

Love Always, 

Gee xoxo

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