Blogtober Day 11: Hocus Pocus 2- A Movie Review

Happy October!

Welcome to Blogtober Day 11! Today’s blog post is a little movie review of a film I feel we have been waiting for a lifetime to come out. Hocus Pocus 2! I remember the first time watching the original Hocus Pocus movie and falling in love with it, I remember watching it with my Gemini twinny and falling in love with it all over again. When it was announced that Hocus Pocus 2 was announced we got so so excited and wanted to try and watch it together. We couldn’t quite make this happen although we did watch this on the same day and this was as good as we could get. 

The Synopsis: 

Three young women accidentally bring back the Sanderson Sisters to modern-day Salem and must figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking havoc on the world.

The Characters: 

The Sanderson Sisters: 

OH, HOW I LOVE THESE THREE. They may seem evil they may seem like they are bad people but this film even if it’s just at the end of the film shows how incredibly strong and heartfelt their bond as sisters and a coven truly was. 

There is something just so loveable about them even though they are meant to be the “bad” ones in the story.

The young Sanderson Sisters:

I had to mention them if for nothing else than to mention these girls need an acting career that spans the ages. I think they played the young Sanderson sisters so beautifully and I love how it tells their story of becoming witches. 

Becca, Cassie, Izzy: 

These three girls had me in love with them from the beginning. They make a beautiful team. I cannot talk about them a lot without putting spoilers into them. But when I tell you they are a force to be reckoned with. As a young girl, I feel like they would have been incredibly inspiring and a powerhouse of what we girls can achieve if we put our minds to it. 


Oh, what a film. What a beautifully put-together Sequel. You see at first I was concerned that this was not going to be the case. Sequels to movies that I have loved and watched over and over again just make me nervous. I worry as I am sure most of us do that the film is just not going to do it justice. 

The locations and set designs were genuinely beautiful. The storyline made the whole sequel just the most lovely thing. The themes of friendship and family running strong throughout. The Sanderson Sisters are just iconic.

Lucky for us that was not the case. It was stunning.

Although I loved the sequel and it definitely had me in my feels with the warm and comforting nostalgic vibes it brought I was a little sad not to see the original children in there somewhere but I feel like this is my only complaint so for a sequel it was pretty good going. 

My Final Thoughts:

I love that this film shows the importance of friendship and that we are at our strongest when surrounded by our best friends and the best people around us. The end of the film had me very emotional and in a flood of tears. It was such a beautiful final scene and I think the perfect ending to what was an almost perfect sequel. 

If you get the chance to hug your friends and family a little tighter today… we are stronger together. Something we have been shown on multiple occasions but sometimes I think we forget to embrace. As individuals, we are strong and magical and all things we want to be. With the right people around us we are that but so so much more. 

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you watched Hocus Pocus 2? What did you think?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

5 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 11: Hocus Pocus 2- A Movie Review

  1. I finally watched this last night and I really enjoyed it. I agree about the actresses who played the young Sanderson Sisters. They were phenomenal. I kind of wish we could have gotten some of the other original characters as well. My only complaint about it is that I would have liked some explanation about why what happened to the 3 younger characters in the end happened. Like it came out of the blue. I hope you know what I’m talking about. I’m trying not to spoil anything here.

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