Blogtober Day 15: Top 5 haunted places in London

Happy October!

I hope you are having an excellent Blogtober/October! I thought for today’s post we would do something a little different. London is one of my favourite cities and I am fortunate to live relatively close to London. That said, I thought we would do some research and find the Top 5 ‘Haunted’ locations in London. It turns out there is a lot.

Strap yourselves in its about to get spooky.

The Tower of London:

We are starting off with one of my favourite places in London, which if you know its history is a bizarre thing to say! However, the building is just so beautiful. That being said according to multiple different sources this location is full of spooky goings. Therefore it had to be added to my list of most ‘haunted’ locations in London, given its history it is hardly surprising.

From the years 1100 to 1952, The Tower of London was a prison for those ordered to be there by the Royal Family. Those who found themselves in the unfortunate situation to be here were usually beheaded. So it is no surprise people have stated they have seen the ghosts of these people hanging around.

According to many different sources, it is suggested that the ghosts of historical figures such as Guy Fawkes, Lady Jane Grey, and Henry VI are still present within The Tower of London. Among other lesser-known prisoners who are still around the tower. The most ‘famous’ of all ghosts or at least the one that people have mentioned the most is the ghost of Anne Boleyn, the beheaded wife of King Henry VIII.

Hampton Court Palace:

Again another one of my favourite places and one I have written a lot about over the years for school projects and for my GCSE history project. I however failed to note the spooky happenings of Hampton Court.

People have claimed that a couple of Henry VII’s wives – Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard – both haunt the palace, as well as a few other mysterious ghostly beings.

Theatre Royal:

As a theatre geek and someone who is utterly in love with the Theatre, it was inevitable that there would be a theatre included in this post.

We are obviously discussing the theatre on Drury Lane and according to multiple different sources is one of the world’s most haunted, and supposedly is haunted by three main ghosts two clowns and a man in grey. Not to be dramatic but I cannot explain how creepy it is that it’s clowns. (clowns are not the one). These claims are supported by a number of theatre performers.

I think I may just have to go see another show at this theatre.

Bruce Castle:

This is one I can’t say I know a lot about but it had to be included as it is listed on multiple different sites as being one of the most haunted places in London. According to multiple different sources, the ghost of this castle is surrounded by mystery and a serious amount of history.

On November 3rd it is said you can see the lady most active around the castle.

The Clink Prison:

This is a seriously creepy one. From the moment it opened in 1144 to it’s closure 600 years later it has become known for its history of utter misery and suffering. Those who held positions of authority have been described to be sadistic, sociopathic and disgustingly cruel.

Due to the nature of the things that took place at this location, it is of no surprise that it is said that many lost souls wander the prison, sadly still paying for their crimes.

Where do you think of when you think of Haunted London?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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