Blogtober Day 16: A Coven’s Collection

Happy October!

I hope you are well and having the most amazing October! It is Blogtober Day 16 and I am out here feeling all sentimental. All wrapped up in my favourite things about the season and I was reading a book about Witches and how the coven was almost like being surrounded by some of their closest friends and family who make them feel strong and supported. I loved this way of thinking and decided that I would do something to honour some of the people in my life who are literally my very own strains of magic.

I asked them to send me their favourite Halloween memories or something that they love from Halloween and I thought it only right to share it with you guys.

It’s not very often I share a lot about my friends with you, however I am feeling incredibly lucky and grateful for them and the unconditional support they provide. Therefore here are some of my favourite peoples favourite things about Halloween.


Halloween film – Casper meets Wendy. This is the first Halloween movie I can recall seeing as a child, and I immediately fell in love with it since I adored Lizzie McGuire. I still think of it as my favourite Halloween movie since the plot has a Cinderella-like quality, and I adore the dancing and witches in it.


Nothing says spooky season to me more than a Halloween screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Although it isn’t a Halloween film per se, there are spooky undertones and of course the gothic mansion is very much in the style of the classic haunted house – but in this case haunted by aliens, not ghosts. My as yet unfulfilled ambition is to visit the hotel where the movie was filmed. Maybe a nice little Halloween getaway?


Reading her response had me in tears, if there was ever anyone who adores Halloween, magic and all round festivities as much as me it has to be her. I knew asking her to pick one Halloween favourite thing would be hard but since shes listed most of my favourite things and her answers were so beautiful we are running with them all.

Films: I literally can’t choose one, each movie has a different place in my heart and will forever watch them every October:

Hocus Pocus – a childhood favourite. The closest I ever felt to magic as a child!

Practical Magic – Reminds me of my mum, she introduced me to the movie and used to sing the playlist to me in the car, her forever favourite. However, I grew a new love for it when I watched it for the first time with my bestie at uni and it brought a whole new meaning to it. Love, love, love it!!!

Halloweentown – Ritually watched these movies every single year, the spark of magic is unmatched!

Harry Potter – I feel like I needed to add this to the list even though as my favourite sequel of all time I 100% will watch this year round. It just needs to be mentioned. I mean wow.


There are hundreds of halloweeny songs that I love, however these below have a special place in my heart and listening to them is a feeling like no other. The memories that fill these songs mean more than I could ever put to words.

Somebody’s Watching Me
I put a spell on you
Men in Black
Spooky, Scary Skeletons (remix)


Does dressing up for Halloween count… As a Halloween thing?

If so-… That’s one of my favourite things about Halloween, the creativity that you see from others and being anything you want. But it reminds me of the childhood question you used to get asked. You know when the possibilities felt endless. “I want to be a firefighter, a ballerina etc…”

Talking about this made my heart hurt purely as one of my many favourite memories of my Becca and I was creating our costumes for uni Halloween.


Anything Disney relates to Halloween just cause the Americans do it all better and no one does a celebration like Disney.

Our Benji loves Disney so this response is perfect and very much what I expected from him. I mean who doesn’t love a Disney Halloween.

I don’t think I express it as much as I should but I utterly love them so much and I am so so grateful for them. Halloween as a child wasn’t really a thing but as I have got older I have made some of the best memories this time of year.

What are your favourite memories?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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