Blogtober Day 17: Pumpkin Patch

Happy October!

We have hit and gone over the halfway point for Blogtober! Isn’t this insane!

If you have been around for a while you will know that this time of year brings out my child-like excitement that lasts all the way until January with a little help from the Christmas season. But one of the reasons this season has my heart is because it brings with it PUMPKINS and if there is one thing you can be sure of it is that I will be carving at least one Pumpkin during this season.

Back in August you will know that I went to Bath with my cousin and we went to the lavender fields and legitimately had what can only be described as the most magical experience ever.

Now it is spooky season I thought it only fair to share with you some of the pictures from all the Pumpkin picking I have done over the years for Pumpkin Picking!

Now don’t get me wrong though for the first few years I picked up my pumpkins from the supermarket depending on how fresh they are and how long they’ll last. However, I argue that you cannot beat the magic that comes from picking your own pumpkins.

I went Pumpkin picking yesterday and as Sunday morning came around, I was super excited to take my nephew Pumpkin picking. The weather was perfect for an Autumnal day of pumpkin picking. the sun was in the sky and it was a little chilly but not unbearable.

If you want to pick up fresh veg, pick your own pumpkins or simply, add a little magic to your Autumn season, I would definitely recommend visiting a pick-your-own farm!

Where is your favourite place to pick a pumpkin?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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